Thursday, September 10, 2015

Bedroom Blues

Good morning! How is your week? I am always a little discombobulated after a long holiday weekend, almost like I need a holiday from the holiday. Thankfully it is already Wednesday.

Image Centsational Girl via Decorpad

We are making some changes around the house, some are still in the infancy and planning stages, like two bathroom remodels. And some ideas are fully germinated in my head like a master bedroom change. I LOVE the color blue and have touches of it here and there in the accents of our house. This time though I am pondering a dark navy blue room, my husband is still on the fence. 

Image Ballard Design

I know a blue room is not for everyone, most people are into light and airy rooms. That is not really my personality I like dark colors, especially for the bedroom as I want it to be cosy, cocoon like and perfect for sleeping.  

Image from The Turquoise Home

My problem is this, there are a LOT of blue paints and I thought I would ask you guys if you have any suggestions?

Image from Apartment Therapy Paint Ralph Lauren

Have you guys used a dark navy paint that you can recommend? I am leaning towards Ben Moore Hale Navy or Club Navy by Ralph Lauren.  Any suggestions are appreciated!

Have a great day!


  1. Hi Elizabeth - We are painting our Maine shutters navy blue. One color I liked was Naval by Sherwin Williams. I ended up not using that one because I wanted a very high gloss exterior finish not available at SW. And navy blue looks so crisp with white trim. Good luck. L

  2. Those blue walls amazing inspiration.... Makes me want to push myself into the dramatics.

    See you soon and all you inspire.


  3. I'm not quite the right person to judge- I'm a bit shaky on colour schemes, but navy blue might be too dark for a room. Perhaps on one wall, with lighter shades on the others?

  4. i'm about to pull the trigger on my twins bedroom reno using hale navy and some sort of wainscoting like the first picture to break it up on the top, white dove on the lower sections. hope that helps :)

  5. You can never go wrong with blue, although I will leave the color selection to the experts! TWO bathrooms is a lot of work - we did two at once a few years ago - was stressful! Hope all is well with you - I can't believe it is Wednesday! xoxo

  6. Elizabeth! What a coincidence. I guess great minds think a like but I just posted on dark rooms. I was going to consider Naval but my son wanted something different. I listed a few colors.. I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  7. Good morning dearest Elizabeth! I too am on the run. Enjoy your day and the blues!

  8. Yes to every one of them...fabulous, LOVE blues in the bedroom. Enjoy your day...

  9. Midnight Blue.....dark and mysterious....that's what I'd do! I do like your idea of a dark blue bedroom Elizabeth. Have fun with 'small pots of samples' before you'll be fabulous whatever colour blue you choose. And you can decorate with vases of ming blue, lapis lazuli blue, cobalt'll be gorgeous! Have fun.




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