Thursday, September 17, 2015

Cable Knit Sweaters for Fall

Good morning! This week it finally felt a little like Fall; it has been no or low humidity, 60's overnight, and I have been able to wear a sweater. These little things are cause for celebration after a long, hot, summer in the South. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my summer, but bring on the Fall! I am so ready. 

Image Nordstrom

I am looking forward to sweaters, boots, fires, hot chocolate and more. To celebrate Fall, I have been looking for a few wardrobe essentials and one of the items I have been looking for are cable knit sweaters.

I love the chunky, warm, look of these sweaters. What about you?

Image Here

While perusing Pinerest I picked out a few of my favorite cable knit sweater looks.

Image HERE

Image Here

Image Here

Image Here

Are you a fan of cable knit sweaters? Do you have a favorite source? If so please share because as of yet I have not found the perfect one for me.

Do you have any other wardrobe essentials for Fall? If so please share.

Have a great day!


  1. Great, great fashions my friend! I LOVE THEM ALL! And we are having unusually warm weather - not just mild but HOT! I am also looking forward to the cooler weather as for me, it pushes us toward yet another holiday season, and I'm already ready for one! Hot chocolate? YES MA'AM! Have a gentle day. Anita

  2. A cable knit sweater is always my winter go to…love the gray!! Happy Wednesday, Elizabeth

  3. You have ne dreaming of all the gorgeous fisherman's sweaters I can bring home from Ireland if I go...I need to remember to pack an empty bag! Hope you are having a beautiful week, Elizabeth! xoxo

  4. My favorite fall/winter sweater cozy and classic!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks

  5. count me in elizabeth, love cable knit and cannot wait to the fall weather sets in. so over hot weather, today was 85!

  6. So funny Elizabeth, I was thinking about cable knit sweaters and searching for the perfect one as this post came into my mailbox. Great minds think alike! Wish I could say I found matter which way I look at it, I will always look like a great big wooly sheep in one. Perfect for home comforts...;) Best wishes for a great week Elizabeth! xx


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