Saturday, September 12, 2015

Friday Favorites from Annie's Eats, David Lebovitz, The Relished Roost and More!

Good morning and a happy, happy, happy, Friday! Can you tell that I am happy it is Friday? Although the week was only four days I just felt like the entire week I was playing catch-up and now I am tired and need a break.  So I say thank goodness it is Friday!

Do you have plans for a relaxing weekend? OR are you headed on an adventure? I hope to have a bit of both, so I will keep you posted.

This week my Friday Favorites are all over the place from travel to more to travel to recipes and more. As always I hope that you find something interesting.

Books are one of my treasured items. I have amassed a collection of them, since I was a teen until now and I cherish each and every one. After watching this video I have come to cherish the rare and special ones even more. Seriously, take the time to watch this video.

Maine is one of my favorite places to visit in the USA, it is prisinte,  beautiful, peaceful and like heaven on earth. I love to see it from the eyes of other friends and this week, Annie's Easts shared her week long trip to Acadia National Park. I cannot wait to visit again!

Image Tish Jett

Speaking of travel, Tish Jett had an excellent post this week about what to do to protect yourself in the event of an emergency while traveling. Although the tale is set in Paris I think that anywhere you travel it is necessary to heed these suggestions. 
There is nothing better than dessert, and a dessert that contains the perfect chocolate sauce drizzled over it is even better. This recipe for the perfect chocolate sauce by David Lebovitz is a family favorite and in fact this week I made it twice to accompany a fudge brownie pie that I gave to two sets of friends. 

Are you looking for something unique, one of a kind and just fabulous to decorate your house with this Fall? Then you must put your order in with Carolyn at The Relished Roost Carolyn paints Chinpisorrie pumpkins and is taking orders!

That's it for this week! I hope that you have a safe and fun weekend. Enjoy!


  1. Good morning dear Elizabeth! Isn't it NICE that it's Friday? And here I am, with my annual SORE THROAT that will probably turn into laryngitis. It's an occupational hazard!

    Much love and enjoy the weekend. Anita

  2. Since Maine's relatively close to my part of the continent, I've been there several times, and have enjoyed Acadia thoroughly.

  3. always find JUST the sort of thing I love...I think we are truly kindred spirits! Books, travel and chocolate...what could be better! I have one of Karolyn's gorgeous pumpkins and I have to confess, it is so pretty, I have left it out all year. I am overdue on emailing you...I am falling further and further behind with this silly arm, but I will be catching up soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Elizabeth! xoxo

  4. Elizabeth thank you so much for featuring my friend Karolyn. I have one of her Chinoiserie Pumpkins and they are a delight!

    The Arts by Karena
    Featuring India Hicks!


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