Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Last Minute Homemade Gifts

Good morning! I realize that Christmas is just a few days away but some people like to wait until the last minute to shop or make things. If you are one of those people here are a few of my favorite home-made gifts that are easy and if I do say so myself, DELICIOUS!

This year is the fist time that I have made my own Irish Cream and I have to tell you, it is so good I could have drank the entire bottle(s) myself. This version from Today's Creative Life is the one I used and it is rich, creamy, chocolaty and delicious. Make sure to make a double batch so that you can save some for yourself.

If you or your gift recipient is a chocolate lover than perhaps this easy and scrumptious Caramelized Almond Bark with Sea Salt is a better choice!

Or you could pop up a batch of Caramel Corn?

Perhaps a batch of Chewy Caramels?

This Fairy Food or Sponge Candy is an easy and scrumptious treat too.

My favorite cookie to eat and give away at the holiday is this Chocolate Cranberry Rugulach, you can also make Raspberry and Apricot as well.

Whatever you make I am sure that you friends and family will love it.

Enjoy your holiday preparations and your day.


  1. Are ya having fun my friend? I AM! Very low key, very simple....the best.

    Wow do those chocolates look perfect!

  2. Homemade Irish Cream? Yummy!! I'm off to look at the recipe. Merry Christmas dear friend. And thank you for being such a loving, positive presence in the blog world.

  3. Many thanks for you well wishes Elizabeth, and for visiting my blog. Also thanks for reminding me about A Little Chaos with Kate Winslet, I would love to watch that movie very soon. She is a joy to watch.

    Have a warm and happy Christmas with your family,
    Friendly ~ Aina

  4. It all looks and sounds so yummy! You always inspire me. The cooking, baking and cleaning begins today in preparation of the arrival of our family and our Christmas Eve party. Our little Wyatt will wake up here Christmas blessed to share this special moment. Merry Christmas sweet lady.

  5. How delish Elizabeth!! Some great recipes here to try out!!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Reason for the Season!

  6. That last one sounds interesting! Have a Merry Christmas.

  7. I am SALIVATING! I looooove chewy caramels, caramel popcorn and well...everything else here! Merry Christmas:)

  8. Your goodies look delicious! I sent you an email a few weeks ago, but I guess you didn't get it. My blog, Cozy Little House, on your blog roll is the Italian person who hijacked my URL. Could you please delete it and try putting it in again? She is stealing my traffic and I can't do anything to stop her.


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