Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friday Favorites from Secrets of Paris, Preppy Empty Nester, You May Be Wandering, Old Seagrove Homes and More

Good morning and happy weekend! Did you have a good week? I have been very busy this week, and feel like I accomplished a lot, especially towards my "less is more" goal. I have decided to get rid of two things a day, minimum, if I feel like more great, if not I make myself put two things on the pile anyway. Oddly, I already feel lighter.

I was very excited because my post Less is More and Other Lessons Learned has been one of my most read posts. It is nice to have a "discussion" with other like minded people about these sorts of things because sometimes it seems as if you are going through it alone. 

This week I found so many "favorites" it was hard to narrow it down to just a few but here they are. 

Image Amazon

Are you a fan of the Mitford Sisters? If so the estate of Doborah, The Dutchcess of Devonshire: The Last of the Mitford Sisters is going up for auction at Sotheby's.  Check out this Link as well for a little backstory if you do not know who she is. 

Image from Old Seagrove Homes

Do you dream of a beautiful beach house? Then check out these fabulous houses from Old Sea Grove Homes

 Katie at Preppy Empty Nester is a fellow book lover and she has a great list of books to recommend. 

Are you thinking about your next vacation? Sandy at You May Be Wandering put together a month by month post of where to travel and when for the best deals!

I love Podcasts and am always looking for new ones, this week Secrets of Paris recommended a few good one for francophiles. 

Image Kristy Harvey

Have you ever wanted to write a book? And have you wondered the secret to writing?  Tara writer of the blog Tea and Cookies and three books " spills the beans" in her post this week.

Image Once Upon a Chocolate Life

This is THE BEST hot chocolate I have ever made! If you like smooth, creamy, melted chocolate than this is right up your alley because it is pretty much like drinking ganache. A little goes a long way.

I hope you found something that sparked your interest here. If you found something interesting this week I would love to hear about it, please share your book, movies, recipes and more. 

Have a safe and happy weekend. 


  1. Thanks for these links... I'll check things out!

  2. Elizabeth, thanks for the great links. I loved what Tea and Cookies had to say about writing. And if you haven't read "Wait for Me" by Deborah Mitford, you should get a copy. It is wonderful!

  3. All wondrous things to
    explore this weekend,
    Elizabeth -- thank you!

    Just re-read The Art of
    Racing in the Rain and
    am almost finishing Big
    Little Lies. Am then moving
    on to Better Than Before,
    By Gretchin Rubin, which
    is non-fiction. I listen to
    her weekly podcasts (you'd
    like them) and am very
    interested in finding out
    more about how we can
    use our personality type
    to our advantage.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo Suzanne

  4. Elizabeth, I have "Wait for Me" on the want list. I read "The Sisters, The Saga of the Mitford Family" loved it. I am going to check Tea and Cookies tips on writing. I always love your Friday Favorites. I have so little time to explore it is nice to have recommendations. Have a terrific weekend. It is going to be relatively warm here. Hugs.

  5. Oh . . . that . . . chocolate!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth!

  6. Good morning dear one! I had a very busy week at school so I'm tardy in visiting my favorite blogs. IT'S THE WEEKEND and all the fun things of which you speak (especially reading) are what I want to engage in this weekend. Sending you wishes for a fabulous REST!!!!!

  7. That chocolate hugging the cream is scrumptious.
    Mitford is very interesting. I have been bloging
    with you from 2010. Time fly's when you are having fun.

  8. Thank you dear Elizabeth for the shout out. Can't wait to hear how you like the Mitford book. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  9. Good morning from beautiful Saint Lucia!! Thank you SO much for mentioning my post! I am sorry for not stopping by sooner...first busy getting ready to leave and now unplugging while on vacation. Sending you some Caribbean sunshine and a big hug! xoxoxo


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