Saturday, February 27, 2016

Friday Favorites from Cooking Classy, My French Country Home, You May Be Wandering, Pastry Affair and More

Good morning! Did you have a good week? Are you ready for the weekend?

I am over winter, and dreaming of spring, odd really because I typically like winter. But this winter is so strange; some days we have blistering cold, some days rain and high humidity, some days its been up to 70 and this week I think it is monsoon season here. The relentless winds and rain are driving me crazy.

Image from Cooking Classy

Thank goodness it is Friday because all I have on my mind is making this Caramelized Onion and Spinach Pizza from Cooking Classy

Image from Kristin at Pastry Affair

When traveling in France I would not be exaggerating if I said I eat an eclair for breakfast, lunch and sometimes as a snack, everyday I am there. A little excessive I know but you can never find them in the US as good as they are in France. That is I believe until now. These  Coffee Eclairs from Kristin at Pastry Affair look exactly like the ones that I know and love to eat in France. So I am definitely going to be making these soon.

Image You May Be Wandering

Both mother and fathers' day are just around the corner and I thought this Passport Art that Sandy from You May Be Wandering featured this week would be a great gift for the traveler in your life. It would also be great for an anniversary or birthday as well.

Image 5th and State

Speaking of travel, if you would like to travel to England this year with fellow blogger, landscape designer,  and antique dealer, Debra of 5th and State go over and check out the trip she is leading this year. Beautiful gardens, private homes, antique fairs, shopping and more are all on the itinerary.

Image My French Country Home

Or perhaps you have always wanted to travel in France, stay in a chateau and look for antiques and interesting finds? If so then check out Sharon of My French Country Home and her September tour of Normandy. 

My sister sent me this great article, I'm Too Old For This by Dominique Browning for the NY Times.  I think it is filled with excellent wisdom for not only women but men as well. In all honesty, I have been saying "I am to old for this" for the last two or three years and it makes me feel a lot better about things.

Are you a cereal fan? If so you might find this article  interesting. As well this article in the Washington Post which explains why millennials don't eat cereal? I would like to say I am surprised at the reason but I'm not. 

Did you find anything interesting to read, watch, see, do or make this week while you were perusing the web? If so please share.

Have a safe and great weekend.


  1. Good morning! If I could, I'd get in a plane and GO GO GO to all these places to experience the joy of touring these places, people and events. But this weekend will do me just fine for now. HAVE A GREAT ONE my friend!

  2. That pizza looks delicious. Spinich is one of those things I don't care for on its own, but as part of a dish, it's good.

  3. Francophiles who don't get out of Paris are missing out! Yes, Paris is magical, but there are lots of out-of-the-way places in France that provide a more "authentic" experience--less cosmopolitan and more a glimpse of how life used to be. It's also far easier and less expensive!
    As for something to share: Garance Doré has a new podcast! I am a podcast fiend, so it's exciting, and she is just adorable. It's called Pardon my French.

  4. OMG... that pizza... I'm going to be dreaming of it all weekend!! Looks like great trips are planned. Hope you have a great weekend, dear Elizabeth.

  5. That passport art also caught my eye. I'm going to order one for my husband on our upcoming 15th anniversary.

  6. My mind is ONLY on that spinach pizza.....YUM!!! Have a fabulous weekend:)

  7. I want to jump right into my screen and savor a slice of pizza and then move on to one of those scrumptious eclairs. Like you, I can eat an eclair three times a day when in Paris. Chocolates too! The nice thing is one can find those mini eclairs and not feel so decadent.
    Lovely thought to jump on a plane and be in the French countryside by tomorrow afternoon.
    Great post! Merci!


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