Saturday, February 20, 2016

Friday Favorites from Jenny Steffens, Bohemianizm, and More

Good morning! I am so happy that it is Friday I feel like dancing a jig, have you had a week like that as well? My week was crazy; crazy busy, crazy weird and crazy long. All I want to do is order a pizza, have a glass of champagne to celebrate the weekend and read. Too bad it is so early in the morning.

I am not an artist nor am I artistic but I appreciate art of all kinds and this week I discovered a few artists that you might enjoy as well. 

Painting by Emily Eveleth Image Danse Corey Gallery

I love doughnuts, actually I REALLY LOVE doughnuts. They are my favorite sweet treat. Although I do not make them often I do buy them a lot. I am thinking that I could just get myself one of these fabulous paintings by Emily Evelath who's work is being shown at the Danes Corey Gallery and perhaps satiate my cravings.

Artist Jacqueline Poirier Image Here

If you are not a fan of doughnuts you could commission Jacqueline Poirier, The Crazy Plate Lady to create for you that features and of your favorite things. Jacqueline is the artist in residence at the Ritz- Carlton Toronto and if you eat at their restaurant you will be eating on one Jacqueline's hand painted plates. You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook f you are interested in seeing more of her work. 

Image here artist Nicholas Amiard

I personally do not have any tattoos but if you would like to see what a few of your favorites paintings from the Louvre would like like with a few, check out this post on Bohemianizm. Artist director Nicholas Amiard created these interesting pieces using photoshop. 

Image Jenny Steffens

I don't know about you but in the winter when it is cold  and snowy, I am a lazy cook. By that I mean, I make lots things in my crockpot like soups, sauces, meats that I can make once and eat more than once. One of my favorite bloggers Jenny Steffens made this crockpot meat and then created a weeks worth of weekdays menus starting with this meat!

I made this scrumptious all-American, old fashioned cake last week. I wish I had a pice left to eat for breakfast. You can find the recipe at Once Upon a Chocolate Life.

I hope that you found something interesting here today and I hope that if you discovered something this week that you will share it with us.

Have a great weekend.


  1. That FOOD ART is amazing! So cool how some artists find a genre and just get so good at it! And like you, I am SO glad it's Friday! Mom's chocolate cake was always my favorite. I'll never forget it, or her.

    HAPPY FRIDAY my friend!

  2. Tattoos on art certainly is different!


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