Saturday, April 16, 2016

Friday Favorites from Tone on Tone, Cup of Jo, The Iron You, The Food Charlatan and More

Good morning! How was your week? Unfortunately, I am still fighting my cold and coughing all night. That is the most annoying part. Oh well  what can you do? 

Another weekend of rainy, cold weather headed this way so I will be stuck inside recuperating and relaxing. What about you? 

Image Tone on Tone

Spring is definitely in the air somewhere, here it looks like spring but there is still a bitter wind. No matter though because after reading Loi's of Tone on Tone post this week Arrangements in White I have all the inspiration I need to bring Spring into my house. If you like flowers you have to check out this post, Loi teamed with several blog/Instagram friends and they all posted about arrangements in white. Stunning is putting it mildly!

Image from Cup of Joe

Breakfast is my least favorite meal of the day, unless I am eating something sweet like pancakes, waffles, cinnamon rolls or something like that and by that I mean containing sugar. For the most part I start my day with a  protein shake or avocado and eggs on sprouted grain bread, which is tasty and good for me. But I think I may start making this fabulous Breakfast Board which I spotted on Cup of Jo.

Chickpea Tikka Masala Image from the Iron You

I discovered a fabulous blog this week, The Iron You, written by Mike it is filled with beautiful recipes, photos and tips for living a healthier lifestyle.

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever from The Food Charlatan

This is not healthy, but hey a person can have a treat once in awhile right? I LOVE chocolate cake with lots of frosting and have been searching for a new recipe to try so I think I will be making this Magleby's Copy-cat Chocolate Cake from The Food Charlatan.

This article, When I'm Gone from Medium  will definitely give you something to think about. Make sure you have a box of Kleenex though because you are going to need it. 

love stories like these and would love to discover a long lost treasure in my attic!

This is another great story, from homeless to baker!

That is it for this week, I hope you found something new here this week. If you found something interesting or tasty please share.

Have a great weekend!


  1. So glad to learn about Iron You! That dish looks yummy. As for unhealthy detours, I hold out for only the most delicious, high-quality decadence so that it's really worth it. No store-bought cookies (I told my kid, if you're going to eat crap, it's going to be homemade crap. A kid doesn't appreciate decadence the way an adult does).

  2. Breakfast. Is my favourite meal of the day! But it's usually the same plain yoghurt with chia seeds, fruit and a piece of toast, however the breakfast board looks fantastic - imagine that sitting outside in the warm sunshine listening to the birds sharing with the family - that would certainly be my perfect start to the day!

  3. I adore your Friday links...always so many interesting tidbits. I read the article about the letters from the father and, yes, I cried too. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  4. That chocolate cake looks to die for.

  5. Dear friend! You are the best, Elizabeth!! Many, many thanks! I am so grateful for your shares.
    Happy weekend ahead.

  6. I AM LATE for the party! First of all, Loi is dynamic in his kindness and DÉCOR! I just bought a vintage settee that I am going to restore à la Loi. And that cake...I better get out of here....chocolate calls!

  7. Good Morning Elizabeth! Love all these photos and links. I could go for a couple of nibbles off that breakfast board right now. Have a great weekend. Hope you feel better.


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