Thursday, April 21, 2016

Just Curious...What is Your "Happy" Color?

Good morning! How is your week coming along? 

Mine is fabulous mostly because the weather has been so beautiful. In years past Spring/Summer have been my least favorite time of the year but as I age I find myself more drawn to the warm sun and relaxing spirit of these seasons.

I don't know about you but for years my favorite "color" was black, I wore it every season, lately though I have found myself drawn to colors I would never have worn, like green and orange. 

Image Refinery 29 via Pinterst

In fact I have found myself wearing crazy, colorful patterns and combinations, perhaps I am trying to get in touch with my inner Iris Apfel

 So today I am curious to know, what is your "happy color?" 

By that I mean what color makes you smile when you wear it or see it? 

Do you find your tastes in color changing as you age or are you still drawn to the same favorites you have had your whole life?

Do you find yourself drawn to the muted colors of Fall? The brights colors of Spring and Summer? Or the icy tones of Winter?

Whatever your favorite colors I hope they bring you joy and make you smile!

Enjoy your day. 

P.S: If you need a little color inspiration check out my Pinterest Color Board.


  1. So many colours mean so many things to me, a bright blue sky, the vibrant yellow daffodils of Spring, pink roses, my happy colours are always something in nature, something from the great outdoors that makes me smile

  2. If it's to wear, it would probably be some fruity sorbet mix of fuschia and orange. Maybe with turquoise! I had a Ralph Lauren shirt like that and got compliments every time I wore it.
    In a place, though, it could be brilliant blue and white like Santorini, or sunny yellow, or even a dark, moody gray that would make me want to drink tea though I'd probably order a cappuccino.

  3. Good morning, Elizabeth! My happy color is without question blue...although I have to admit, my wardrobe is primarily black. You would not have believed the blues we saw in Bermuda - the water was breathtaking!! Hope you are having a terrific week!! xoxo

  4. In clothing, I always gravitated to black or white.
    And then one day a dear friend said to me, "Laura, you always look nice but you need some color!"
    And so I have been on a mission to add color to my wardrobe.

    I hope you will share this at Thoughts of Home on Thursday this week.
    Just stop by my blog to join in.
    We would love to have you!
    Enjoyed visiting,

    White Spray Paint

  5. I think at this point I'm set in my ways- most of my clothing is black, and has been since I was a teenager.

  6. Hi Elizabeth - So I love to wear blue! All shades of it make me happy. In terms of home decor, there is something so fresh and cheerful about chartreuse green. Enjoy this beautiful weather! xoxo

  7. Hello Elizabeth!! My happy color is BLUE!! In clothing, I like black. I makes me much slimmer (in my mind). Have a good week.

  8. Oh, my happy color, that literally makes me sing and dance (yes, I've been known to do that when I see it) is: AQUA! I recently changed out some pillows in my all white studio to aqua and even my girlfriend came over and screamed for joy when she saw the white and aqua play with the pink ranunculus in a white pitcher. JOY!

  9. humm...good question. May I choose more than one:) I would first say blue but love it with green and pink (for warmer months) but I fall prey to the blk/gray/camel combo come fall and winter..looks like blue is the big winner here!!

  10. I really love that last image of the strawberries. And I would have to say that my happy color is red. I have a lot of it in my house. This was a fun question to answer!


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