Saturday, June 18, 2016

Friday Favorites from Madleif, The Little Green Notebook, From The House of Edward, Sprinkles and Sprouts and More

Good morning! Happy Friday, happy weekend and an early happy Father's day! Do you have big plans or just a nice relaxing weekend planned? We have lots of plans but hopefully we will be able to squeeze in a little relaxing at the ocean.

I love food and so does my dad so when we are together, aside from just enjoying our time, we like to try new recipes or restaurants with one another. If I were able to be with my dad this Sunday I think I would probable make him something with meat, potatoes and chocolate for dessert. 

Image Saveur

I have heard that steak is one of the most favorite meals of dads so I think many of them would enjoy this Steak with Herb Sauce from Saveur

Grilled Ribs from Food and Wine

My dad and my husband both love ribs and these Grilled Beef Ribs with Smokey Sweet Barbecue Sauce look like something they would enjoy. 

Image from Sprinkles and Sprouts

I personally LOVE potatoes and would rather have them than meat, so I think these Cheesy Garlic Potatoes from Sprinkles and Sprouts would be perfect to accompany any meal you are making for your dad. 

Dessert must always include a little chocolate, and these incredibly easy No Bake Turtle Tarts would be perfect!  

Image HERE

Or if you have a dad that is not fond of chocolate perhaps these Lemon Rasperry Cheesecake bars would be a better choice?

Summer reading is the best sort of reading, it brings back memories of the library contest each summer. Pamela of From the House of Edward always has a great list in the summer and this one is no exception. So if you are looking for a book or two to add to your list visit her HERE

Are you a fan or Woodsworth and Beatrix Potter? If so and you have never visited their stomping grounds in the Lake District than heat over to Madleif where you can transport yourself there with her beautify photos.

One of the first blogs I ever followed was The Little Green Notebook and it is still a favorite years later. Jenny is great decorator and her bathroom redesign is stunning. You can check it out HERE.

What about you, did you find any interesting books, recipes or adventures out in the world this week to share? If so please let us know!

I hope that you have a fabulous weekend with your dad! I will be celebrating with mine in August and I cannot wait!

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.


  1. I recently finished Mark Twain's travelog, "A Tramp Abroad." It's full of laugh-out-loud observations, still quite timely. Fashion changes but human nature doesn't.

  2. I must visit the Little Green Notebook! I've never seen that blog, and while I know and love dear Madelief and House of Edward, I am going to venture on something new, on your recommendation!

    Enjoy your time with your dad dearest Elizabeth. This Father's Day is a double whamy for mom passed on this day, then my dad. OH WELL, I have my memories and those are pretty vivid! I shall remember and be grateful!


  3. I'm hungry now! I have a new Kindle Paperwhite and am enjoying reading immensely!

  4. On my way to click through your various links - better late than never. I have been working a bit too hard and am WAY behind on blogging and blog reading! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, Elizabeth dear!! xoxo


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