Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just Curious...What are Your Favorite 4th of July Memories

This Monday if the 4th of July, where did the time go? Summer already seems to be flying by so I am hoping to slow it down and enjoy all of my favorite things about the season.

The 4th of July is one of the holidays that I have the fondest memories of. For many reasons but mainly because it was always about family. From the time I was little wherever we lived we would decorate our bikes or wagons, take in the local parade, go to a bbq with my aunts and uncles or go to our lake house and swim, waterski and just enjoy one anthers company. 

A small sampling of people waiting for the fireworks

When we were visiting Milwaukee and then later when we actually moved there we always went to the 3rd of July fireworks, yes, the 3rd of July. The city of Milwaukee decided long ago to have their show on the 3rd and then let the surrounding cities have their displays on the 4th.

My grandparents lived in Milwaukee and every year we would pack up our blankets, picnic baskets and chairs and we would walk to the fireworks. We picnicked , visited, and ate tasty treats along with hundred of thousands of other people and then at 9 or something around that time the show would begin.

We would sit transfixed oohing and ahing and shouting out our favorites and then when it was over pack up and head home for a little sleep before the festivities the next day. 

My grandmother and my mother are very creative and we always had beautiful bikes and wagons and costumes to attend the local park festivities, and the parade. My sister often won prizes for best bike, so that made the morning all the more special. That and the copious amount of ice cream we consumed before lunch.

Trader Joes Cookie Ice Cream

Later in the day we either had bbq's or we went to family parties to swim, frolic with the cousins and eat more food. When you come from a family of 9 aunts and uncles there is always lots of cousins to play with and oodles of scrumptious food, especially sweets. 

Bacon Brats Beter Homes and Gardens

I miss those holidays now that I live across the country but every 4th when we are not together I make sure to take a minute to reflect back on the blessings of my family and all of the funs we had together. Its funny because any holiday that I am not with the family my husband claims puts me in a melancholy mood.

Whisky Barrel Burgers

This year I will not be celebrating the holiday with my family in the Midwest but I will be counting the days until our family reunion late in the summer! 

Do you have any 4th of July memories that are special to you and your family? Are there activities or certain foods that transport you back to those special times? I would love to hear about them and thank you for letting me reminisce about mine. 

Have a great day!


  1. The giddy thrill of sparklers. Having fire and shooting stars on a little stick terrifyingly, thrillingly close, just there in your hand.
    The straight-out-of-the-movies parade in a small town in Iowa, with the brass band, cotton candy, the town square lined with flags, me watching the parade between the legs of grown-ups (must have been 5 or 6) my great-grandmother's house across the street, cool in the shade under big trees, lemonade with pulp sticking to the glass, tiger lilies, dozens and dozens (OK two dozen) of cousins.
    My first year in New York. Apartment just off the Hudson River. Watching the fireworks above the Statue of Liberty. Amazed and moved. Windows left open, the apartment was filled with acrid smoke from the show.
    We long put on a big all-American cookout for our French friends, but it got out of hand, with 250 people. Insanity. This year will be quiet. Usually we would head to the U.S. as soon as school is out (July 5!), but this year we can't make the trip. So we will be in town for the first time for Bastille Day, to see the huge fireworks at the Cité of Carcassonne.

  2. Good morning dear friend.

    You open up a locked box of memory for me...for me, the fourth was a mix of family and sensations. I remember the unusual mix of tastes of sweet watermelon and salt (Mexicans LOVE to put salt, even chili powder on their watermelon)....I can feel the cool splash of water on my skin after playing under the hot California sun, the itch of the St. Augustine grass at the park on my bare feet, the roasty smell of hot dogs on the crusted grills at the park from years of cooking. I hear my mother calling in a Spanish accent, "ANITA" to come and eat "en famille" - I see us all sitting in my uncle's backyard on those cool California nights with a light blanket on our skin, as we watched hot white, red and blue pop in the sky.

    Thank you.

  3. Elizabeth, I always enjoy reading about your holiday memories filled with family and laughter. The Fourth is one of my favorites celebrations, though most often there are few plans made other than going to watch the fireworks. They still cause my heart to beat with anticipation of the first explosion. I hope your week is going well. Hugs!

  4. Here it's Canada Day on Friday, and I always go into the heart of the city for the day and drop in at the museums.

    The American ambassador here has a long tradition of holding a Fourth of July party at the official residence for embassy staffers, American citizens living here, and various others.

  5. Beautiful pictures!

    Favorite 4th of July memory...watching the fireworks at Brandeis University, and the barage at the end. It was spectacular.

  6. Favourite 4th Memory: Watching fireworks from the lawn of the White House! A friend worked for the Democratic Campaign Committee and was invited and could bring a friend. All sorts of American food vendors walking around giving away their goods, Marine band playing, President walking the rope-line greeting people, and then fireworks!


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