Thursday, August 4, 2016

The HighBoy

Good morning! Are you a fan of unique one of a kind pieces and antiques? I am because I love the idea of putting my "stamp" on my home with special things I have found and collected from my travels to the Paris flea markets, the souks in Morocco, and the ferias in Buenos Aries to name just a few of the places I have found some treasures. 

Now however I do not even need to leave the comfort of my home or worry about room in my suitcase and I can find anything and everything I like on one website, from a Mid-century modern table to a sterling silver bracelet. Where you ask?  At The HighBoy. Have you heard of them? If not you need to go over to their website and check them out. 

Girl with the Fan by Di Li Feng available on The HighBoy

The HighBoy It is a fabulous online marketplace for antiques, fine art and design. The Highboy was started in 2014 by Olga Granda -Scott who grew up in the antiques business and her husband Douglass Scott a former strategic consultant, in an effort to make discovering and sourcing antiques and design both easy and  accessible to everyone. 

17th Century Tapestry from Oreillers

The HighBoy has assembled a team of hand-picked antique and fine art dealers from around the country all in one place. One of my personal favorites is Oreillers the premier source for textiles from the 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th -century European textiles and pillows. 

The site is easy to navigate allowing you to search items by period,  country, style, period, and theme. For instance if you were looking for a Napoleon 111 chaise longue or another chair to go in your dressing room they have one, or a pair of Italian Renaissance candelabras for your dinning room they have those as well. 

Or maybe you are searching for a sterling silver chocolate pot to serve your chocolat chaud from in the morning they have that too! The selection is endless and new items are added daily. 

I am in the process of redoing my master bedroom and am looking for a desk to use instead of a traditional nightstand. I think this early 18th century Louis XIII would be perfect. 

I already have an antique French bakers table in my kitchen  but now that I have seen this French iron one with the red paint and patina and castors I might need it instead!

Not only is The Highboy site fabulous so is their blog. The curated collections are combined with beautiful photos and interesting stories on, The Weekly which details your favorite design interiors, periods, processes, and more. 

The site is a favorite among readers who come to read well written smart, beautiful stories that detail both modern-day design trends and the history of art, antiques, and design.

I should warn you that you can spend hours on The HighBoy, between perusing the beautiful listings and reading their blog you might want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine before you visit. 

Have a great day!

Thank you to The HighBoy for sponsoring this post. 



  1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for this post, I'll definitely check it out The Highboy. And good luck with your master bedroom redo, I hope you share some pictures. I like your idea of using a desk instead of the traditional nightstand too. I wish I had the space for that idea.

  2. Oooh! Thanks for the tip. I will check out their blog. I have a surfeit of antiques and can use some ideas for their deployment. Freshening, reupholstery, etc.

  3. Looks like a great shop. I am definitely a huge fan of one off pieces, for me this is what makes a home unique, it is what makes it a home, it makes the home an extension of the people who live there.

  4. Good morning my friend! Wow, how did I miss this?

    There are some fun places to shop on or off line. I was in a little thrift shoppe yesterday near my home and WOW, what treasures. In fact, the name is Little Treasures, and they are right! Enjoy your day!

  5. It's a favorite of ours and love your picks from their collection! The chaise is amazing - happy Wednesday!

  6. This is the first I've heard of them.

  7. oh elizabeth! an antique french baker's table is on my dream list! i'll be dreaming of them tonight! happy thursday, lovely.


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