Saturday, September 3, 2016

Friday Favorites from Hooked on Houses, Half Baked Harvest, Maria Shriver, In the Kitchen and More

Good morning! Happy September, happy Friday and a happy Labor Day weekend to you! I am so excited for a 3 day weekend, although sadly, in my neck of the woods it is going to be rainy and stormy because of the hurricane so there will not be any sun or time at the beach. Oh well that just means that I am supposed to be relaxing and taking it easy in the house, and enjoying the last of what summer has to offer, an icy cocktail, tomatoes, bbq and more.

Image from Half Baked Harvest

It is funny because as a child I hated raw tomatoes, in fact I only started to eat them a few years ago and now cannot get enough. So when I saw this incredibly beautiful Heirloom Tomato Cheddar Tart from Half Baked Harvest I knew I would have to make it. I have this on my list for the weekend, isn't it beautiful?

End of Summer Corn Tomato Salad from Bake by Nature

If you are looking for something a little more healthy but still containing all of the flavors of summer you could try this, End of Summer Corn and Tomaro Salad from Baker By Nature. I think it looks fresh and delicious.

Strawberry Gin Smash from The Kitchen

Of course I also have to have one last strawberry drink because they are the quintessential summer berry. So I think I will try this Strayberry Gin Smash from In the Kitchen, it looks delicious and refreshing.

Image from Hooked on Houses

I am in love this little white cottage that you can rent which I discovered on the blog Hooked on Houses, it is in Beaufort, SC so if you have any plans to visit there, check this place out.

I will be 50 years old in a few months, and although I am not bothered by aging I think we all can use a few of the tips from  Jemma on Aging with Style.

I read an article this week on Maria Shriver that said that the number one thing that the healthiest and most successful women do is put themselves first. Is this something that you do? I never did until this last year and it has made a world of difference for me physically and mentally. If not you better start.

At yoga this week our teacher challenged us to be completely still for 10 minutes a day, call it meditation, call it being still, whatever you call it, just be still for 10 minutes a day. Trust me it is so much harder than you think it is.  I want to make the same challenge to you will you join me in 10 minted of stillness a day?

I wish you a happy and safe Labor Day weekend. Enjoy the last vestiges of summer.


  1. It is a great discipline to be able to be completely still.

  2. Good Morning!
    Lovely to visit you and see these great recipes as well as to discover that you too are a yoga lady, as am I. I have found the best studio and I am thriving under it's discipline.
    Also, I want to say thank you for taking the time to read my Aging With Style article and to include the link here. It means so much to me!

  3. I tend to go for tomatoes as part of a dish, or a sandwich, but not really on their own.

  4. I just sent the Mr. your link with a note... Can you make this tomato tart? Hopefully, he can. Sorry that you are getting the rain. Hope you curl up with a good book and relax. Have a restful weekend, dear Elizabeth!

  5. Good morning dearest Elizabeth! My WIFI crashed yesterday then with school, it's been hard for me to connect lately. But here I am, and as always, I am enjoying your shares. I follow Half-Baked Harvest on Instagram and her photos are outrageously good. Have a super weekend!

  6. That food looks delish.
    I could be very happy with the cottage love the swings.


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