Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Just Curious...Do You Decorate for Fall?

Dough Bowl

Good morning! How is your week so far? All is well here, although I will admit that I am not too happy to see that the path of "the biggest storm of the century" is heading my way. 

As we are already a week into Fall I am curious do you decorate for Fall? Not Halloween but Fall, with cozy home accents, throws, candles, pumpkins, mums and more?

I will be honest, I am a minimalist when it comes to Fall decor although I pin a lot of fabulous ideas on my Pinterest boards and see beautiful arrangements in the magazines I just don't do that much. 

That said I have pumpkins, candles and warm woolen blankets. I change a few pieces of art for ones with more Fall colors and I do add a few pillows here and there. But that is it. 

What about you? Do you use natural elements like pumpkins, leaves, acorns and mums to bring in the feeling and colors of Fall to your home? 

Do you decorate the inside as well as the outside? Or do you like to save yourself for Christmas decorating as I do?

Share your ideas and links so that we can see what you like to do to welcome Fall into your home.

Have a great day!


  1. It's funny I have thought a lot about fall decorating. We don't decorate as a general rule, it's just not a European thing, no one does here. But I have seen so many blogs recently with so many fantastic photos that I have felt so inspired that I went out and bought some pumpkins and decorated (just a little, I don't want to look too out of place) for the first time in my life, only in the kitchen, and very low key, but it has been fun!

  2. Good morning dearest Elizabeth! I am so worried about you guys; I saw the news yesterday and saw how Haiti was pummeled. I had a great student two years ago who is from Haiti, the nicest boy ever....I so hope his family is OK. But the storm is headed toward you, and I pray you are not affected by it. As far as fall, I have started and I love it. The comforting, quiet tones of earth are what I love, and I do have my baby boo white pumpkins out with two large grayish blue. I LOVE THEM! Dropped antlers and antique wooden bowls are what I love to display and as I watch the leaves drop from the sky, I await the bare world to observe and start the cycle over again of hope.

  3. From the time my kid went to preschool, we would gather fallen chestnuts along our route. They were just too round and glossy brown and perfect to resist. Little pockets filled quickly, so I'd have to carry the rest. They would get added to a bowl on the coffee table, sometimes with other finds, like especially pretty leaves or pinecones. It isn't intentionally fall decor, but spontaneous.

  4. Do I decorate, YOU BET. love bittersweet vines and berries, Chinese lantern
    plants, Pumpkins< corn stalks. wreaths. Potted Chrysanthemums,
    scare crows, I love it.Yvonne

  5. Like you, we are minimalists fall decorators, but love your first image - so pretty! Happy Wednesday!

  6. I like decorating for Fall more than Christmas because it is not as much work. Have a great week, Elizabeth!

  7. Hi I do but less and less...we get no trick or treaters and no kids ar home anymore to decorate for so now I do it for myself:) That includes my front door and mate a few pumpkins inside and that is about it. Sometimes less really is more:) Plus I need to reserve all my energy for the "big guns" aka Christmas lol!

  8. Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year but I don't ever decorate for it. I have been thinking that maybe I should do at least a little something this year. I better get a move on it because Christmas will be here before you know it! Your post was just the push I needed. Thanks!


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