Thursday, October 13, 2016

Just Curious...Is it Just Me or Are You Sick of the Election Too?

I have heard the saying at least a million times, "never talk about money, religion or politics" and for the most part I agree and have adhered to that rule for almost 50 years. Especially in my family as my immediate family is not of the same political persuasion that most of the rest of my aunts, uncles and cousins are. There are some who are very passionate and try to persuade you to their side but we basically all agree to disagree. So for this post, let me say, I am just venting, let us agree ahead of time that we might disagree and if you are going to say nasty negative things about me or my view I would appreciate if you did it in a nice way. I am not taking sides or trying to persuade you to my way of thinking. 

This election is like nails on a chalk board to me. I am counting the days until it is over because I cannot stand it any more. It is the dirtiest, most disgusting election  I have ever seen and frankly I still cannot discern what each person stands for and what policies they are going to make to change the taxes, jobs, immigration, rights of women etc. The real issues are lost in the mud slinging. 

Ironically, I have a BS in Political Science, and an MA in International Relations. I worked with Senators and Congressmen and this was my passion for many years, yet I am over this election.

Here are a few of my complaints in no particular order:

  • I cannot believe the incredible amounts of money that are being spent on this election over the last 18 months. Do you know the difference that money could make to people?

  • I heard, and I am not sure if this is correct that in the UK they only campaign for 30 days! Can you imagine? If this is not correct please do feel free to pipe in and correct me. 

  • I  do not think that if you have another job, such as Governor, Senator, whatever that you should be able to campaign for a year to 18 months and "do your job" at the same time. Lets face it, if you have another job you are not really doing it to the best of your ability if you are on the campaign trail for 18 months. If you work in the private sector and they want to pay you that is fine but if you collecting tax dollars than no way. 

  • On another note, I personally think the system is broken, I do not think that you should be able to continue to be reelected for 40 plus years to the House and the Senate. I think we need term limits on those offices.

  •  I think that both parties are out of touch with what "real" people want or need and I am saddened by what this election has done to people. I do not think that you should beat people up, or vandalize their homes or property because you do not like the person they are voting for. 
Thanks for letting me vent. If you have an opinion or comment please share. If you live outside of the US please share your views on the US election and what you or people from your country think of what is going on here. And please share what the process is like in your country, I am sure that we would all be interested in learning something new. 

Have a great day!


  1. All I can say or want to say here is that I AGREE with you. I was never politically minded person, though I've voted since I was of age. But this year, I've learned more; unfortunately what I've learned is how dishonest and dirty politics can get, and that a large percentage of what we see has nothing to do with US, the people. Yes, this year's campaign trail is taking us NOWHERE.

  2. YES!!!!! I am sick of the election! I just want it done! Have a good week.

  3. Yes, I think it is getting to all of us. It's gone on too long and gotten too nasty. Just posted about this myself recently.

  4. I'm sick of it too.

    In the Westminster system of democracy, which Canada has taken on from the British example, election campaigns are just a few weeks long. It varies, perhaps an extra week or two, but that's it. The American system has pretty much become one endless election, because the day after the election ends, pundits and political operatives are already going to be casting the question: "so who are we looking at four years down the line."

  5. I think your points are excellent. Perhaps you should send them to the candidates and the media. I am sad that so many citizens behave in such uncivilized manner.

  6. I agree it just has to be shortened. We need limits on the election cycle and money spent by each campaign like other countries. This election has brought more polarization than anything.We wasted way too many months and years already on it. I do think the disgusting part has been brought about by Trump. How have our standards for a leader sunk so low in this country? I worry for the future and think part of the population is face down in the Trump cool-aid. I hope it's okay I said that here, but I just cannot keep it all in! This election is raising my blood pressure daily! x Kim

  7. Oh my god - I SOOOOO agree with you!! Why can't it just be OVER? Arggh!!! I can tell you that no matter what your political leanings, this is one topic on which everyone can agree!! xoxox

  8. I live in Australia and I am so over your election as well. Trump is constantly on our news feed, how this man with his behaviour and childish ways has a following and is a candidate for the President of America I cannot understand. Our elections run for one month and do not use the huge sums of money I believe your country need for elections. The world is on edge waiting to see what the outcome of this election will be, hoping it will not be Trump. Regards Wendy

  9. YES !!!
    I hope term limits, $ being spent on campaigns, length of campaigns, lobbyists, The Clinton Foundation, all change. This country was not created to be run by professional politicians and that's what we have.

  10. I agree with you , I have never been so angry or upset before, and it is not over yet, every day new accusations are made, on both sides, now one party is attacking each other, can we go any lower? other countries are watching us knowing they will have to do business with whoever we elect, I don't like what we have become

  11. I am ashamed to say that ever since I moved overseas about 20 years ago, I haven't voted. Until TODAY. It is one of the most important elections of my lifetime.
    You wanted to know what people abroad think. This is from an editorial in le Monde, the biggest newspaper in France:
    L’affrontement politique aux Etats-Unis peut paraître exotique à des Européens. Parfois de grande qualité, il lui arrive aussi de sombrer dans la vie privée des acteurs publics ou, comme depuis quelques années, d’être étouffé par le sectarisme idéologique d’un des deux grands partis, les républicains. Mais Donald Trump l’a sali, perverti, vulgarisé jusqu’à l’obscénité, comme jamais aucun candidat à la Maison Blanche ne l’avait fait depuis la naissance de l’Union américaine. Cet homme est une menace pour la démocratie.
    En savoir plus sur
    Translation: "The political confrontation in the U.S. can seem exotic to Europeans. Sometimes of great quality, it (the political confrontation) also sometimes sinks into the private lives of public actors or, as seen a few years ago, is suffocated by ideological sectarianism of one of the two major parties. But Donald Trump has sullied, perverted, vulgarized up to obscenity, as no White House candidate ever has done since the birth of the American union. This man is a menace for democracy."
    Most people over here are less shocked by his sexism, which is still rampant here, than by his calls to jail Hillary, which is what happens in banana republics (and they see her as a lawyerly type who may have pushed up to the line but who didn't actually cross that line--maybe nothing to brag about but nothing shocking either). They're not concerned by infidelities (me: HUH!?!?!?!?!) but they are put off by racist remarks. And they're outraged by the idea of not paying taxes, which are far higher in France/Europe than in the U.S. The buttons that get pushed are different. Many people still living suffered terribly during WWII and they fear a repeat. They don't care about sex or sexism; they care about war.
    All that said, I want to make clear that I agree AND disagree. I am just translating what I read and hear every day.

  12. I so agree with you!! Are these two candidates the best America has to offer?? And something tells me that this time around were going to see a less peaceful transfer of power. I've not seen our country this divided for years. Let's hope and pray that we can see peaceful reconciliation by Christmastime.

  13. This entire election season is a HUGE embarrassment to this country. It's like sitting around the ring and watching the boxing match. I'm tired of everything about it, including those that are running. No issues have been discussed and I am at a lose of what to do on election day. I may have to do a write in.... No, Elizabeth, you are not alone!

  14. I completely agree! I am SO sick of it all! I am also so sick of the facebook friends who insist on posting all of their political rants every single day! I really should do some blocking! My boys are 10 and 12 and are at the age where they are learning about politics. It's such a shame that this is what they are seeing for an election. I can't even let them watch the debates anymore because I am afraid of all the questions...ugh!

  15. Oh boy! I am writing my Friday favorites as I am reading this. I have always avoided politics on my blog as well, but I am adding your thoughts. This election makes me physically ill.

  16. All I will say is "AMEN SISTER"!!!!!!!

  17. Well said, Elizabeth!

  18. I HEAR YOU!
    I asked my husband if THAT man got elected how would he be running HIS BUSINESS you caNOT do BOTH WELL!The ITALIAN answered delegating and from the OVAL OFFICE!!
    IT is VERY VERY SAD.................the whole STATE of AFFAIRS!

  19. Yes, well said! I'v'e said for many, many years that the US campaigns should be limited to a short time before the election. The $$$ spent on campaigning has turned elections into big business.

  20. hi elizabeth
    i am here in england and all everyone talks about is the election. so many have expressed abject fear if trump wins. they explain the fears still permeating society since WWII, and they are terrified. russia is not too far away, and looms large
    fortunately over here i am missing the commercials, and 24/7 coverage.
    as a country we should be embarrassed

  21. Dear Elizabeth, Where to begin.... first, I totally agree with you. No matter where I go I am bombarded with political opinions and venom. It both appalls and saddens me. This may sound simplistic... I have been told it is naive... I have faith this is in God's hands and there is a plan. We as a nation are better than this. I am taking a vacation from much of social media until after the election. Certain blogs and Instagram are my exceptions. Hugs, and thank you for beautifully saying what many are feeling. Bonnie

  22. Frankly, I don't even know much of what's going on. I rarely turn the TV on. I don't read newspapers any longer. I don't listen to the radio. And if I see it online, I skip it.


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