Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Monday Musings

Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine was perfect because of its simplicity; beautiful weather, long walks, a trip to the farmers market, a little baking, dinner with new friends and lots of time reading. 

We have new neighbors from Spain and they invited us to meet some of their Spanish co-workers and to have authentic paella. The paella was scrumptious and the company and conversations were enlightening. It is so interesting to me to hear views about our country, the election and of course to learn more about their beautiful country. 

I find that as the  weather turns more to Fall/Winter I am more and more inclined to be at home. Are you the same? Consequently my stack of books and magazines is dwindling, so please share your latest "good reads. "

I am also pinning like a crazy Christmas elf on my nine Christmas Pinterest boards. I am one of those people that love Christmas, the decorations, the music, the Nutcracker, the movie and of course the food, baking and finding the perfect gifts. I am in search of a few new cookies to add to my repertoire, I want to make a buche de noel this year, and I may or may not change up my color scheme. Cataloging all of my "thoughts" on Pinterest is making my life a lot easier. 

What did you do this weekend? Did you relax, read, bake, cook, take a trip, tick a few items off of your bucket list?

Whatever you did I hope it was great and I hope that you have a wonderful week. 


  1. I bought a soufflé mold yesterday and intend to master soufflés.
    Chrysanthemums are out everywhere, for Nov. 1--All Saints Day. I love mums, but my husband was horrified when I wanted to put some around the house. They are the flower of the dead over here (because they resist frost, they are the favorite for Nov. 1). Who knew?

  2. No question about it, I am definitely a nester when Fall arrives. Not so much this week tho, because it's supposed to be in the 70's! Have a great week.

  3. I DID PRACTICALLY ALL that you did but have dinner with new neighbors!WE made PESTO for the year and I made a roast chicken for the SON and then SHORT RIBS.......all in one day!WE HAD RAIN............which is GRAND because we are in a drought!I worked on a NEW BLOG POST for TOMORROW's RELEASE and slept 10 hours each night!I have a XMAS cookie from ITALY called NIGHTY NIGHT...........I think somewhere..................I will dig it out!XX

  4. Love both Spring & Fall!
    Fall is NFL football, Patriots WON bigtime, Houston WON in a clincher so all is well. Lots of food, friends, conversations and good times. And, we are all delighted we have SO many lovely supermarkets in our area, as well as a huge farmer's market. They tell me that Houston is known as the city that dines out more than any other. Could be true, but WE love to be at home too. xx's

  5. Hello Elizabeth, Your weekend sounds perfect. I do love paella.

    We had a lovely weekend too. Family visited and we all went to the English Market in Cork City for supplies.

    I agree with you Elizabeth the change in weather makes us long for more time being at home reading and cooking.
    Wishing you a superb week
    Helen xx

  6. Elizabeth, Your weekend sounds delicious! Enjoy the week!

  7. nice photos and what a lovely weekend you shared with us dear .
    glad you had new kind neighborhood and had enlightened chat over nice meal .

    if you live in a area surrounded by woods it is really hard to live inside during this season.
    best of luck for you new reads

  8. Hello dearest Elizabeth! The weekends are my playtime. During the week, I hardly have time to myself, but at least my drive to and from work is inspiring in fall colors! ENJOY!


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