Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just Curious...How do You Feel About Low Carb Food Substitutes?

Good morning! We are almost 2 weeks into the new year, how are you doing on your resolutions, if you made them. My yoga studio is jammed, I am happy for my yogi but I actually like it when there are less people. 

Caramelized Onion Ham Quiche RECIPE HERE

With the new year, for myself and many others is a declaration that we had too much of too many good things and we need to eat healthier. I am curious, what do you do to eat healthier? What do you think about "food substitutions"? 

Cilantro Lime Chicken Salad RECIPE HERE

By that I mean cauliflower made into rice, pizza crust, Alfredo sauce, mashed "potatoes" and more? Or spiralized vegetables to take the place of noodles? Mushrooms instead of bread? I know all of these are low carb solutions and I am curious how many of these do you use? Do you eat them on a daily basis or just occasionally? And if you are a huge fan please share your favorite recipes of substitutions.

Cauliflower Mash from Little Broken

I would like to say that I frequently eat food-substitutions and a low carb diet but I I would not be telling the truth. I typically try to eat less carbs during the week and usually only in the morning. When the weekend hits I like pizza and pasta what can I say.
As for food substitutes, I do a lot with cauliflower. I love cauliflower rice with lime and cilantro, cauliflower potatoes, and I have made the cauliflower Alfredo many times and I loved it!
As for noodle substitutes, I only like to eat spaghetti squash, I am not really into the spiraled noodles. I have used zucchini slices for lasagna noodles and they tasted great but lets be honest squash is not pasta noodles.

Easy Crusty French Bread From Life as a Strawberry

As for bread, I typically eat sprouted grain bread and I do like English muffins but I have yet to try the "Cloud bread" and I do not like mushrooms. I just feel like if I am going to "splurge" I may as well eat the real thing. Especially if it is homemade crusty bread right from the oven and with butter please!

My kind of Cauliflower Mac and Cheese from Pip and Ebby

What about you? Are you a low carb eater, a moderation eater, or one of the lucky ones that can eat whatever they want?

As I said above, if you have a great recipe for a food substitution I would love to try it. Especially if you have made the cauliflower tater tots, the cauliflower cheese smothered breadsticks.

Have a great day!



  1. When I read the title, my reaction was "never substitute!" Because I thought it was substituting bread or pasta with some processed version full of chemicals that claim to reduce the carbs.
    However, you're onto something different. Anytime you eat more vegetables, it's a good thing. None of us eat enough veggies. We do eat too many simple, processed carbs. Complex carbs are different--your body takes a lot longer to digest them. I make the Smitten Kitchen's oatmeal/whole wheat bread, which is very good. When you make your own bread, you know what's in it.
    My grandma made a tomato-based soup with zucchini noodles. I don't have a spiralizer, but would like to try.

  2. Good morning Elizabeth! Well for me, substitutions are fine is they are real food, like the cauliflower rice is cauliflower. But "artificial" or overly processed foods to me lack the proper nutrition that real foods offer. I also think that moderation is the lost secret to healthy eating. What's all the fuss and reason that people are substituting potatoes? I understand there are gluten intolerant people, so bread substitutions are necessary, but to me, moderation and modified cooking methods (not too much fat, salt or over processing) offer a sense of freedom to eat what one loves. But the rule for me is to eat naturally colorful, plant-based foods as much as possible!

  3. I love cauliflower and have bookmarked so many of your recipes! Now to get them made....happy Wednesday, Elizabeth!

  4. I am trying this as well! I do eat an ezekiel sprouted grain muffin in the morning if I ma carb craving , then I try to keep away from bread and process sugar but its so hard!!

  5. I have never really loved a low carb substitute but I do know I feel healthier when I cut back on sugar and refined carbs...too bad because they are all my favorite foods!


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