Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just Curious...What Do You Collect?

Good morning! How is your week going so far? Hopefully it has been a short one and you were off for Martin Luther King day. Everything is going well here, I am looking forward to the weekend though.

With the start of the new year everyone seems to be cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering and has tips to help you accomplish these tasks. I have managed to get rid of a few things but then again I do that frequently. As I was filling up another sack to donate I though perhaps I should "thin" out some of my collections. That of course got me curious about what other people collect. 

I collect old wooden spoons and utensils, chocolat pots, books about the Louis XIV and the mistresses of the French Court, white ironstone pitchers, art, and Limoges snuff boxes.

Are you a collector? Or are you a minimalist? If you collect please share what exactly do you collect?  How did you get started collecting your favorite items?

I have always loved Versailles and as it is where the kings and mistresses of France lived I became fascinated by their lives. I began collecting books about them as a teenager.

The chocolat pots came from my love of chocolat chaud which I drink all of the time. I began first with the wooden molinillo(traditional Mexican tool for mixing hot chocolate) and then evolved into chocolat pots. I recently paired down my collection to my 10 favorites. 

In college I went to school for the summer in Limoges and fell in love with the intricate details of the little snuff boxes and so a collection began. 

As for the art, I collect what speaks to me. I love impressionist paintings of waves, trees, and pears. But I also like abstract paintings. My collections are eclectic and although there are some that hang all the time there is a stack that rotates with the seasons.

So tell me about your collections. I would love to hear your stories and perhaps even see your treasures.

Have a great day!


  1. I have become a minimalist of small things, but a collector of larger objects such as antique or vintage furniture (to replace repros)...but I'd like to think that in decluttering my tables and closets, that now I "collect" ideas for my writing and photography. Less clutter!

  2. oh you have delicious collections elizabeth!
    being a shop owner appears to have limited what i collect for home/me, most for the shop. the one thing i collect for me is dog art, especially vintage oil paintings
    my best!

  3. Books, generally. If I like a book in particular, I go for a hardcover copy.

    WHAT I COLLECT.........let's see.
    SILVER CHAMPAGNE BUCKETS to line the top shelf in my pantry!
    OLD autograph books
    cigarette holders that look like urns
    silver frames
    knife rests


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