Thursday, February 9, 2017

Just Curious...How Do You Use Pinterest?

Good morning! How are you? Are you having a good week so far? The beautiful Spring like weather has made my week brighter that is for sure, 70 degrees and sunny in February will make anyone smile. I am not sure that Winter will be here for 6 more weeks but if it is I think it might be pretty mild. How is it where you are mild or worse than normal?

I love Pinterest, as do many, and I pin a lot of things. According to Pinterest I have found 72,000 interesting finds over the last 4 years. 

I started thinking about what I pin and why and what I discovered is that I use Pinterest almost like a pictorial diary of the recipes, adventures, clothes, people, quotes, etc, that interest me. In the past I would keep folders of the same things and although I tried, I wasn't that good about keeping these "tear sheets" organized. I would find travel pages in the recipes, recipes in the clothing files, etc. 

Once Pinterest came along I was able to make folders of my favorite things and keep them organized.  Recipes, quotes and anything Christmas are my favorite things to pin. I find myself going back to these my boards again and again to find "the perfect carrot cake", or a quote that seems to fit an occasion in my life and the list of books that I have been meaning to read and so on. 

So I am curious, are you a Pinterest fan? Do you pin a lot or a little? Do you have a myriad of boards or are your boards carefully curated to specific topics? Do you revisit your pins or do you just pin what you like and never go back? What are your favorite things to pin? And if you do not use or like Pinterest may I ask why?

Have you ever purchased anything off a Pinterest board? I personally have not, frankly I do not really understand that part of Pinterest. If you have had good luck with it let us know.

Thanks for sharing your Pinterest thoughts. I hope that you have a fabulous day!


  1. Pre-Pinterest, I also had manila folders for magazine and newspaper clippings about decorating, recipes (I still have the recipe folders--general and one just for desserts), gardening, other inspiration. I tried to be selective, not to turn into my mother, a former librarian, who clipped EVERYTHING and didn't quite get it filed.
    Pinterest eliminates the paper. It makes it easy to search for things--I want an example of the kind of tile I'm looking for, so I can show it to the tile shops, or I can show my husband a photo of the kind of sconce I want for the kitchen in a kitchen, to counter his objections that "nobody does that."
    My gripe about it is that for recipes, you have to click through to the site, and then when my iPad goes to sleep, I have to reopen everything, find the recipe again and click through again. I wish it would go back to where I last was automatically.
    I have started to use Bloglovin' in the same way, especially for recipes. For decorating inspiration, it's harder because it saves the entire post, rather than just the photo I wanted. Later, I look and can't remember why I saved it.

  2. Hello dear friend! Well, I started using it and went wild with it, using the photos on my blog. But that has stopped since I was approached by a very angry artist whose photo was on my blog. But in the last 2 years, I have only pinned photos to use as inspirational ideas for home and garden. I vowed that since I started taking my own photos, I'd never, ever use anyone else's photos on my blog. So Pinterest is just a quick inspiration.

  3. I THINK I have 6 BOARDS...........I haven't LOOKED AT THEM IN 4 or 5 years!I pinned FOR BEAUTY.........NOT IDEAS.I think A LOT has changed since I last looked from what I hear people talking about..........I just DROPPED IT...........have NO IDEA WHY!

  4. Admittedly I don't use Pinterest. I think generally because I feel like I'm on enough social media as it is.

  5. I'm with you... I was totally behind on my filing and the things I did file I rarely went back to visit. When I see something that looks absolutely beautiful and inspiring, I love it that with a couple of clicks, it's at my fingertips forever, along with some helpful links if I need more details. Heading back to the top to follow you!

  6. I enjoy Pinterest for inspiring me to refine my photography style. Having utilized my simple 7 boards over the last few years to get "my wheels turning" has been so helpful. The only other social media I use is Instagram and that has been only recently. No purchases from Pinterest for me as of yet but have to say it is my "go to" for design ideas. Thanks for asking such a great question!

  7. First of all, dear Elizabeth, I am SOOO jealous of your weather. I am looking out the window at a blizzard. Pinterest is a big black hole for me. It's like cookies - once I start I can't stop. I never knew you could buy things off Pinterest. Have a great weekend. I'll be shoveling.....


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