Thursday, March 30, 2017

Just Curious...What Do You Consider a Classic Wardrobe Piece?

Good morning! Lately I have read many articles with titles like "50 Classic Pieces You Need for Your Wardrobe" or the "25 Absolutely Essential Items Every Woman Needs in Their Wardrobe" which had me thinking about my own wardrobe. I am not a trendy person, not for my home or my wardrobe. I have always loved classic pieces.

Image from Memorandum Blog via Pinterest

That said, I have learned as I age to find classic pieces that fit not only my body type but also my lifestyle. I work from home so I do not need a lot of skirts, dresses, heels, etc. My wardrobe essentially consists of yoga/workout clothes and "other clothes".

Little Black Dress JCrew

My winter wardrobe consists of white t-shirts, and button down shirts, white or dark jeans, and a cashmere sweaters peered with ankle boots. If I am dressing up it is a "little black dress" or a skirt and a blouse.

Image and Shirt JCrew

In the summer I like cigarette pants, or shorts paired with white t-shirts, or white button down shirts. Don't get me wrong I love a beautiful linen dress or a colorful sundress as well but for the most part that is my summer "uniform." So tell me, do you choose classics for your wardrobe? Or do you like trendy pieces? Or perhaps a combination of both?

What do you consider the top 5 classic wardrobe essentials? Is their a brand that you gravitate toward? Do you have a "uniform" or "go-to" pieces that you turn to again and again?  I am looking forward to hearing your classic choices.

Below are some of the items that I read "were classics for every woman's wardrobe?" What do you think?

Have a great day!

1. MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Women's Clean Miranda Trousers Black  2. Volcom - Frochickie 5 Shorts Women's Shorts 3. Olive suede pumps • J.Crew Factory 4. A.P.C. Andrea python-embossed cross-body bag  5. Alfani Classic Pencil Skirt 6. The Perfect Long-Sleeve Shirt   7. Alfred Sung Woven Fit & Flare Dress  8. Ray-Ban - Sunglasses  9. Majorica Pearl Stud Earrings 10. Double Pocket Tote in Red 11. Cole Haan Daryl Leather Chelsea Boots  12. Mackage Babie Wrap Coat 13.  Decon DX in White 14. Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater  15. Equipment Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater 16. crewneck tee • Gap17. Mid rise curvy true skinny jeans 18. Mid rise best girlfriend jeans • Gap19. Striped boatneck T-shirt • J.Crew Factory20. Theory - Gabe Stretch-wool Crepe Blazer 21. Burberry Trench Coat 



  1. Definitely classics. Some of them are very old now, but they are in good shape because they are good quality. I don't get tired of classics and I don't worry about looking trendy (or so trendy as to be ridiculous, given I'm no longer 20-something).

  2. As a teacher, and being in front of YOUNG people all day long, I have to wear what is suitable for my age but also enhances my good points. I enjoy the little (but conservative) black dress. I must have at least 5 of them, in different styles. I may wear one with a crisp white shirt, another with a Frenchy scarf, another with a string of pearls. I do however, enjoy skirts just above my knee, with thick black tights and mid-length boots and with fun sweaters. But come summer break, I LOVE wearing jumpers or rather, sleeveless dresses with full skirts. No tight shorts or pants for hips are the WORSE part of my frame, so I "wear my body" as one colleague affectionately put it!

  3. I love clothes! We are living a simple life here and I'm mostly at home though so my days mostly revolve around jeans. I love that! Jeans with a white tshirt, jeans with a cute blouse, jeans with boots, the possibilities are endless and fun. ;)

  4. One of my staples is a white cotton pressed blouse. Goes with everything. Have a great week, Elizabeth.

  5. Its hard when you are in your 50's because there are some young trends tha tdo appeal to me but I always go back to the classic - blazer, white t-shirt or great tank, good jeans both blue and white. cashmere sweaters, white button down, fun loafers and a great pair of sneakers!!

  6. From the guy's point of view, maybe a fedora? I'm a jeans and T-shirt sort of person, though, which I can get away with for campus lectures.

  7. Elizabeth, I dress almost exclusively for comfort. Teaching pre-k, I am always always doing something very near the floor. I love leggings and appropriate length tops. I found "golf skirts" a few years ago, and love them spring and summer. Your post is reminding me I need to work on my closet....

    I hope you are having a wonderful spring. Our winter was so mild, I am afraid we are going directly into summer. Enjoy the rest of your week. Bonnie

  8. Hello! Feels good to be making a few blogging rounds! Great subject. For me my basics area great fitting pair of pants (when I find them I get them in a few colors), a bandeau 3/4 length sleeve top stripes and solids, a classic white button down, cardigans (I must own 60 of them) and a nice fitting lightweight trench. I could live on those five pieces alone. Hope you are well!

  9. Pearls! I've been know to wear pearls while driving the tractor . White tee shirts, white dress shirts, black dress pants. For travel, skirts and dress that are double sided. Generally, I dress like a sensible country woman...that is to say...probably dowdy in tweeds, linen, cotton, wool. My Burberry trench coat is at least 40 years old and still looks great. For church, skirts and blouses with sweater, jacket or shawl. I still farm so tee shirts or flannel shirts, jeans, excellent quality boots (that I can wear 16 hours a day with no ill effects) and a Carhart jacket or vest. No trends for me; I buy quality and then wear it out after a few dozen
    E, trying to respond to your comment on my blog...Thank YOU. God has been gracious to give me His strength; without Him, I wouldn't have gotten this far. House still not finished...dining room table in pieces, chairs stripped naked and other furniture needing restoration as well. Still sleeping in twin bed and this morning at 0:dark thirty, Sadie joined me. She weighs 105 pounds so it was an uncomfortable end to my night.
    I told Dori, stopping isn't an option. If we don't go on, where will we go?

  10. I was going to say TRENCH COAT and I see it made the list!
    LONG white shirt.................
    Ballerina flats.........


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