Thursday, March 23, 2017

Just Curious...What is on Your Spring Bucket List?

Good morning! Spring has finally arrived, at least on the calendar that is, the weather is not cooperating though. I was saddened to read that over half of the Washington D.C cherry blossoms probably won't make it because of the bad weather last week. They are a special sight to see so if you ever get the chance to be in D.C when they are blooming make an effort to take a look.

Here the daffodils are in full bloom and the trees have buds just waiting to burst. I personally am waiting to start ticking things off my bucket list. In the past I never really made bucket lists but as I get older I find myself making lists at the beginning of each season or holiday so that I can enjoy not only my old favorites but also add a few new experiences in as well.

I am curious, do you make "bucket lists" for the seasons? If so, what do you want to do, see or experience this spring?

Here are a few items from my list:

Pick berries at a local farm
Go bike riding
Make an herb garden

Decorate Eater eggs
Plant containers
See the cherry blossoms
Get a new bird feeder
Spring clean

Celebrate Grilled Cheese Month
Have a picnic on International Picnic day April 23

Make ice cream
Take a walk in the park
Pick some daffodils
Feed the ducks
Read on the porch

Aside from a few weekend jaunts and a stack of Spring recipes I do not have much else on my list. But I would enjoy hearing about what you like to do in the Spring.

I hope that you have a great day!


  1. If you put a slice of ham in your grilled cheese sandwich, you have a Croque Monsieur, and if you put an egg on top of that you have a Croque Madame. Just to mix it up; a month is a long time!

  2. What a great bucket list, mine is to take the time to enjoy the spring and summer a little more and to get the garden just as I want it! The weather has stopped cooperating here too, we had spring, more like summer weather and then as soon as it was officially the season the temperatures plummeted and the rain came down!

  3. The only thing on my bucket list is to get my #2 graduated and moved to Atlanta. Oh yeah, and also lose 20 lbs. One out of two won't be bad. Enjoy your week, Elizabeth.

  4. Love your list! Grilled cheese and planting is on my list too. :)

  5. Some of the photobloggers I follow from around Virginia or Maryland feature the cherry blossoms each spring. Here we have the tulip festival, but that doesn't happen until May.

  6. Garden Tours, sitting outside,etc etc.........IT IS MY FAVORITE TIME OF YEAR!

  7. Hello, sunshine! I am a bit late, but my spring list is fresh as the spring morning. My list includes:
    cleaning my garden (I find that relaxing)
    taking TONS of photos of the surrounding landscapes
    picking more wild flowers and using them in my home
    taking more time to breathe in good literature, breathing out poetry



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