Saturday, April 8, 2017

Friday Favorites from Fountain Avenue Kitchen, The Flourishing Foodie, Nobel Pig and More

Good morning! Happy weekend to you. Did you have a good week. Mine was great but I have to be honest, I am ready for the weather to settle down. We have had crazy windy days, tornado warnings, thunderstorms and more. 

SW-Indigo Batik my new bedroom color!

Things are a little discombobulated here because we are having some rooms painted and all of the stuff from those rooms is now in other rooms. In addition we are remodeling two baths but we are having a little trouble with the trades people showing up in the correct order or at all.  

On to more interesting things like my favorite finds this week.

Image from Fountain Avenue Kitchen

If you are a fan of Reece's Peanut butter eggs and frankly who isn't,  you could actually whip up a homemade batch for your baskets using this recipe from Fountain Avenue Kitchen. I think they look scrumptious. 

Image from Flourishing Foodie

Raspberries are my favorite berry to eat and to bake with them so I cannot wait to make this gorgeous Raspberry Almond Streusel Tart from The Flourishing Foodie

Image from the Nobel Pig

Just in case you need a new drink in your repertoire this Grapefruit Cranberry Martini from the Nobel Pig looks delicious. 

I love to entertain and I like to see how other people do it as well so that I can get ideas for my next party. This beautiful luncheon from The Growers Daughter is beautiful and has a great mixture of homemade and purchased food.  I think this would make not only a wonderful luncheon but you could add or subtract food items to work with whatever party you are having to make for very easy entertaining.

Image Quinessence

Are you a fan of Once Kings Lane? If you are check out this post by Quintessence about the The Once Kings Lane Connecticut House, a new concept of shopping in a show house but the house is actually where the president of OKL and her family actually live. 

This is an interesting article because not everybody is a leader, but apparently after years of being told we all need to be leaders, You Can be A Follower now and its OK. 

Have you been following along on Instagram the adventures of Sandy from You May Be Wandering and her trip to Switzerland, and Italy? If not check it out because the photos are breathtaking. 

That's it for this week, did you find, read, eat, make or see anything interesting? If so please share. 

Have a wonderful and safe weekend. 


  1. Good morning dear heart! OK, I've been nervous, hearing about that wild weather out your are YOU ALL??? Be careful, please, please be careful, and enjoy the gentler side of spring. I know you will, and yes, I've been loving Sandy's photos! I must get out to that portion of Italy one day, as well as getting to England, then my beloved France. We shall see!

  2. TGIF Elizabeth! That Conn. house is gorgeous - but not as gorgeous as those peanut butter eggs! Have a great weekend.

  3. I'm hungry, waiting for a pizza to arrive, so your food really makes me salivate!


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