Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Joy of Simple Things

Life is full of big moments, your first job, falling in love, getting married, having children, a dream trip, first house. etc. All wonderful and exciting times but I have found that as I age the "big" moments are the little moments that we so often overlook and take for granted. 


There is joy in the simple things if only we stop and realize it. Everyday doesn't need to have a momentous event to be special although sometimes in this world that is dominated by social media it seems that way. 

I sat down and made a list of the simple things in life that bring a smile to my face and lift to my heart. 

 A letter or a card from my family or friends. 
  A toasty fire on a cold day.
Yeast donuts with lots of frosting. 
A new book or rediscovering a well worn and loved one.  
Making an old family recipe and "seeing" myself at my grandmothers side making it together.

A cup of hot chocolate.
Having my mom all to myself when she comes to visit. 
A text from my 16 year old niece saying "I love you and I miss you."
Singing a favorite hymn at church. 

A walk on the beach.
Being the first person to make tracks in the fresh fallen snow. 
Sleeping with the windows open on a cool spring night. 
The first smell of a wood fire in Fall. 
Pizza, spaghetti, grilled cheese and chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. 

Watching my pups. 
Taking hot bath after a long day. 
The smile of a friend. 
The sound of the rain on the roof as I lay in bed.
Spending a Sunday doing nothing. 
Visting my favorite paintings at the museum. 

Meandering in a favorite city.
Baking something new and sending it to a friend. 

These little moments make up the fabric of our lives, they make us who we are. They offer respite from the storms of life and remind us that even the little moments can be grand. I am not sure if these moments seem so much more special as we age because we are more aware that life is precious, and finite or if we just come to appreciate the wisdom that comes with age and a realization that moments make our lives and not things. 

Whatever the case I am happy that I can appreciate the joy in the simple things. 

What a bring you joy? Do you find happiness in the little things? What simple thing brings a smile to your face?

Have a great day, enjoy life's little moments. 


  1. Every morning, I wake up my kid with a kiss on the head and I take the moment to breathe in that wonderful smell of sleeping child. It's almost as good as baby smell, and certainly lasts years longer. And I am so grateful.

  2. I will be 59 on Sunday. It's true. As we age, we want less, but need more of nature, God and each other in our lives.

  3. Yes, the little moments. I realize this so much now. When I think of my happiest times the list looks much like yours. Sitting outside in Sorrento, Italy, overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean Sea is absolutely one of the top 10. xx's

  4. Great post, Elizabeth. When the Mister and I got married, we met with the Monsignor and I always remember him telling us that life is filled with ordinary moments. Have a great week.

  5. These little moments are my favorite too. Life really is made of those. ♥

  6. Hot chocolate and pups. Good combination!

  7. What a lovely post!! I know a major trip to Italy isn't one of the simple things, but our biggest take aways from the trip were the small moments in time - the conversations with locals, the smell of the wisteria, the lemons in the market. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your beautiful words. Hugs to you, my dear!

  8. i can't tell you how much I enjoyed reading this Elizabeth, in fact I found myself smiling and nodding while i was going over your list. You captured so many of my own little moments and I left the post feeling grateful for your wonderful reminder to all of us--to slow down and savor the little things in life. It really keeps us grateful doesn't it?


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