Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Espadrilles the Shoes of Summer

Image Anthropologie

There are certain items that are considered essential for summer, like shorts, sun dresses, sandals, swim suits and in my words, espadrilles. I got my first pair in 1989 while staying with friends in the Basque region of France, apparently these comfy canvas shoes with rope heels originated in Spain in the Basque area. 

Image Here

This inexpensive shoe has come a long way since being invented over 4000 years ago and can now be seen in every major fashion house. I personally love this fun and playful collected from Soludos, they are fashionable and still reasonably priced. 

I think I may need the pair with the lemons and maybe the flamingos as well, although to be honest my favorites are the plain red ones

Image Here

If you are a fan of Tory Burch she has some great ones as well, they are a little more pricy, so be forewarned.

Do you wear espadrilles in the summer? Or do you prefer sandals, flip flops or tennis shoes? Do you have a favorite brand?

Have a great day and stay cool!

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  1. Everybody here wears them--men and women, all ages--mostly like the red ones you show, and they usually wear them with the backs folded down, so they're like mules.

  2. I'm going to need another pair. I've been using my black pair for every little thing from gardening to running to the store! I LOVE these shoes and are so easy to slip on and off.

    Having a fun summer, Elizabeth?

  3. I haven't heard of them personally.

  4. I love them, but they never come in narrow.......:(

  5. I love espadrilles!! And Soludos has such fun fun! Hope you are having a great week! xoxo

    NOW who makes those JEANS?????

  7. You picked so many good ones. They just speak summer to me; these and huaraches! ;)

  8. Hello Elizabeth,
    I love them too. I am having a hard time picking a favourite from all you posted. I broke my little toe while in France and ow can only wear flip flops for a while.
    Have a glorious weekend

    Helen xx


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