Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Eugenia Kim Straw Hats, DIY and More

Image and Hat here

The last few years these whimsical Eugenia Kim straw hats have been everywhere and although I like them I don't like the price. If you are a fan of Eugenia Kim, I have put together a collage of a few of my favorite hats.

If you would like a similar look for less I have included a few options as well. 


Hat Nordstrom

Hat Nordstrom

Hat Nordstrom

Last but not least, if you are a DIYer, than here a a couple of links so that you can make your own hat!

Me and Mr.Jones "Wish you were here" tutorial.

Are you a fan of hats? As I age I find myself wearing a hat more and more because although I love a tan I really do not want to have any skin issues. If you do not wear a hat at least remember a little sunscreen. 

I hope that you have a beautiful Tuesday!



  1. I wear a baseball cap most days in the summer, though I'm rather indifferent to baseball hats generally.

  2. I love these!!! Fun post to kick off summer! Hugs to you, sweet Elizabeth!

  3. I have some awesome floppy straw hats that I rarely wear at the beach but like to wear at the fleamarket. Nothing like throwing on a pair of dark sunglasses, a big hat, and lipstick to be mysterious and not have to do hair and makeup! xox


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