Thursday, June 22, 2017

Just Curious...What is on Your Summer Bucket List for 2017?

Summer is finally here, at least on the calendar, the weather not so much. No matter because with all of the crazy rain I have been able to spend a little time thinking about my bucket list. 

For the last few years I have made a list of the things that I absolutely want to do over the summer season and I almost always complete them all but a few things always get away because of time or weather. This year I decided to focus on 10 things only. 

As you can see my list is very simple, no grand adventure although I am open to one if it comes along, I want to enjoy family, friends, and the simple pleasures of Summer. 

Do you have something special planned for your summer? A wonderful holiday, a family reunion, time at the beach or just enjoying life at home? 

Whatever you do I hope that you enjoy it. The season is short and soon winter will be upon us so get out there and catch some fireflies, splash in the ocean, take a hike in the mountains, eat a Popsicle, have a BBQ. 

Have a great day!


  1. I'm with you here. Last night, I surprised myself. My husband had worked late, came home only to leave again with our neighbor for a movie - something he never really does. So I got up off the sofa, our usual evening spot, and I got my camera. My heart started to pump fast out of excitement because I rarely if EVER, play with my camera to do night shots.

    It was enchanting. I didn't get any masterpiece photos, but I did succeed in getting photos without that ugly flash but rather with the natural moment of dark and light. I went outside of my comfort zone, I enjoyed the longest day of the year, and I felt as if I touched a star.

    Now for more summer fun. I love your idea of being a tourist in your own town. Today, I'm meeting with an Instagram pal and her daughter for a photo session. It may rain, but let's see what we can make of it...hey, it's summer play time.

  2. I'm a homebody and rarely go places. I love your list. Speaking of the fireflies, I happened to see one outside last night. First one I've seen in ages!

  3. You must watch the FIREFLIES for me!We donot have any here in CALIFORNIA!
    Your LIST seems DOABLE..............GO FOR IT!
    I have had my vacation and now must get some ORDER to my HOME!
    Well, that GARDEN CALLS A LOT TO ME AS WELL...............I sit there and enjoy the fruits of my labor.XX

  4. This is really a simple but important thing I need to do. I was just saying to my sister that even with my best intentions, the summer slips away from me, and sometimes without me having a single picnic or seeing a concert on the lawn! I'm scheduling your post to share on FB! thanks, Elizabeth! xox

    It's gonna happen, the house is wonderful, although bare, but it has ROOM FOR EVERYTHING I NEED AND WANT. So, no vacay until Autumn. Bucket list of mine is shrinking every year now that I have grandchildren. Now, it's about them !!!
    Sending love, darling one....


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