Thursday, August 10, 2017

Discover Doris & Co. UK

A good Thursday morning to you! I discovered a great company this week called Doris & Co Of Motto and Memento.  It is a cool British company that makes English creamware pottery and home items using old fashioned methods in the Georgian and Early industrial tradition.   

I love the teapots, illustrated  greeting cards and totes. 

Enough is Good Enough Jug

From Small Acorns Mug

 But my favorite pieces are the mugs, and the jugs.  Especially this "from small acorns" mug, which I ordered for myself.  Remember, "from small acorns come mighty oaks." I love the old fashioned illustrations and quality of the pieces. 

Each piece reminds me of something I might discover in at the Portobello Antiques Market in London. I hope you enjoyed Doris & Co.

Have a great day!

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  1. Hello Elizabeth! How lovely are these wares. Very up my alley, with the neutral colors and European vibe! I hope you're having a great August; ours is good but a bit wetter than normal!

  2. Oh how I love these pieces...thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh my stars and garters! Am I in trouble, I want it all! :)

  4. Cool! I like these. Shall check them out.

  5. Lovely pieces, and the "from small acorns" mug us perfect for you!


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