Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Just Curious...Have You Noticed Some Pinterest Changes?

Good morning! I have been a fan of Pinterest for a long time. I think it is a great way to organize ideas and "tear sheets", to make plans for projects or even recipes to try. I used to think it was a great way to organize my own blogs, Pine Cones and Acorns,  Between Sisters Between Friends, and Once Upon a Chocolate Life so that followers of those blogs could just pop to the top of the page and find all of the pins they were looking for in one place.

Lately though I am not too sure that I even like Pinterest anymore. I cannot figure out what is going on with them. In the past I had my three blogs, Pine Cones and Acorns,  Between Sisters Between Friends, and Once Upon a Chocolate Life as the first three boards followed by whatever season we were in.

That way people that were looking for pins from those blogs or from me on "Summer Food" or  "Fall Baking" could see all of my favorite pins without having to scroll thru over 190 boards. Which I might add I painstakingly put in alphabetical order.

Now a days each and every time I go to my boards they are in some random order, even if I spend time organizing them. I cannot even get them to stay in alphabetical order for one day!

In addition, in the past I was able to see pins from many of the people that I followed, now the selection of pins is narrowed significantly and almost not worth looking at. In the past one could also scroll through pages and pages of "food" pins but that is carefully curated as well. 

Is it just me or are you having issues with Pinterest as well? Have you noticed the changes? Are they new or have they been around for awhile and I did not notice them? Can someone with more knowledge than I explain to me the easiest way possible to put one's boards bake in alphabetical order? Or tell me if I would be wasting my time doing it?

Thank you in advance for any and all advice, I appreciate it.

Have a great day!



  1. Had the same thing happen to my boards and I was so frustrated! Turns out they started a new protocol that if you hadn't moved or changed your boards lately, they would be listed based on the most current item you pinned and the board involved. I spent hours each day, trying to get mine back into the configuration I'd wanted - as I wanted them to be seasonal and then tell a kind of story - a home from walking thru the front door, meals starting with breakfast, hobbies, likes, and past seasons at the bottom, arranged so that I could move them up as the seasons changed. It took me hours! I emailed the Pinterest help and got the explanation of the above, except instead of doing this to only people who hadn't moved boards lately, it did this to EVERYONE! She didn't know when it would be fixed - but my boards are now back in order and I did a bit of cleaning up things as best as I could.

    But wanted to share this so you'd know what was going on - I kept googling this problem to see if anyone else had it happen and there was nothing new about the situation. Then I resorted to the help dept at Pinterest.

    I'm not crazy how they've changed the info about who have pinned your boards, etc. And my pins and followers have gone from over 50 new followers a day to maybe 1-5 a day. I guess since I'm not a big important pinner, the way they suggest boards to various people has eliminated me from the mix. It's all I can figure out.

    Had to change the way I thought about Pinterest and now try to look at it as my own personal digital scrapbook of inspirational ideas, recipes, etc.

    Hope this helps explain things a bit. I'm probably not using the correct terms for how it's working now but this was my experience lately.

    Hope your boards go back to normal soon! Hugs from the Rockies, Pippa/Pipchippin

  2. I haven't been spending as much time on P lately, but have noticed you can no longer copy an image without the "enlarge" icon being present. That's a problem if the image is from Tumblr, for example, and can't be followed back to the image without searching through a long line of photos searching for it. It used to be easy to copy an image for my blog and give a link back to their P longer. I also have noticed I am no longer seeing the pins of folks I have chosen to follow...I chose based on what/who I like to see...and as you mention, P is choosing randomly for me and it doesn't include those I follow. Why does so much social media end up changing to be less than desirable?
    I will be following to see the comments.

  3. There are constant changes to all social media platforms and I can't keep up with the changes. I only used Pinterest to grab ideas but I never used it to organize any specifics; Instagram is now my main source of sharing and inspiration, but even that has some glitches that are frustrating!

  4. I too am very frustrated with Pinterest! From what I am seeing, it looks like the boards that you have most recently pinned to, are the boards that are showing up on top. With someone like me who is a bit OCD it makes it very frustrating!!

  5. You aren't the only one seeing a change in Pinterest. I don't like what they're doing and I find I am not spending near as much time on there as I normally do. I don't understand why Pinterest sees a need to "fix" things that aren't broken! :-)

  6. I've noticed these issues with Pinterest. Like you, I painstakingly alphabetized all my boards. I work on my boards all the time, deleting and adding and combining. Because it is a big referrer for me, I try to keep pace. I have noticed there isn't much diversity lately, so I've been going to places like and Country Living and adding pins from there.

  7. Pinterest, as with all other social media, has been destroyed by advertising and removal of individual choices.

  8. I dislike "very much" what Pinterest is doing with my boards. I like my in order (A to W) and now it shows the first as the last board I've pinned to. It wouldn't be so bad, but I'm not allowed to change it back to the way I want it. Also, when I delete a pin that I no longer want or need, if the pin is located near the center or end of the board, when deleted, the board pops back up to the top, thus I have to scroll all the way back down, to find where I left off on that pin. To me, this is a huge pain in the butt.

  9. I agree with everyone and hope Pinterest will not only fix this but also find an easier way to sort boards that doesn't mean you have to drag and drop each one.

  10. I'm not on Pinterest, so I wouldn't know.


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