Saturday, September 9, 2017

Friday Favorites from Half Baked Harvest, On Sutton Place, The Lemon Apron and More

Good morning to you. I cannot believe that another terrible storm is barreling towards the US. I lived Florida for 10 years and sat out many stress filled days in the storms. My thoughts and prayers are with those who are leaving their homes for a long, drive to safety. 

With the hurricanes,  the earthquake and the fires raging on the West coast it is seems trivial to write about trivial things. But I guess it offers a little respite from the stress. 

Cherry Poppyseed Cake from The Lemon Apron

I discovered a beautiful new blog this week called The Lemon Apron, I actually follow Jennifer on Instagram and I guess it slipped my mind that she had a blog. In any case I spent a happy hour scrolling through beautiful recipes, stories and photos. One of the first recipes that I will be making is this Cherry Poppyseed Cake

Image Half Baked Harvest

I am always looking for a healthy breakfast and this Huevos Rancheros Breakfast looks delicious. If you are not familiar with the blog Half Baked Harvest make sure to check out Tieghan's wonderful photos, and recipes. And if you like what you see you could pre-order new cookbook!

Image from Sugar & Charm

Apples are the quintessential Fall fruit and although I typically have them in pies or with lots of caramel I think I will give this Apple Cider Moscow Mule from Sugar & Charm a try. 

Image and Printables from On Sutton Place

I know many of you like to add a touch of Fall to your house and I think any one to these 30 Free Printables from On Sutton Place would be a great way to do it. I have shown four of my favorites but there are 26 more HERE,

Image HERE via Pinterest

I LOVE,  pumpkins! Frankly if I could keep these fresh I would keep them in my house all year, I love the color the shapes, the quirkiness of them and of course I love eating them. Although this post is called 80 Cool Ways to Use Pumpkins in Your Weddings there are so many interesting ways your could use them in your home this Fall. 

Have you read The Heirs by Susan Rieger?  It is the story of Rupert, a poor English orphan, who comes to America and meets Eleanor, a wealthy girl, gets married and has five boys ( two lawyers, an agent, a doctor and a musician included). He and his wife are well respected and live a charmed life.  

He works and she raises the boys and takes care of everything else in their lives. Then he gets cancer and dies leaving behind  a mess for Eleanor to clean up. If you like tales of money, betrayal, family dynamics and more than this is the book for you.

I hope that you have a great weekend. Be safe if you are fleeing the storm. 



  1. The book sounds good and the food looks extraordinary! Happy weekend!

  2. The weather, the earthquakes....when all else fails, eat eggs for breakfast. Sometimes you have to settle for small victories. Protein is a good way to start the day.

  3. That young go-getter Teigan is an amazing cook - I've followed her since the beginning and am glad to know her cookbook will be out soon. Her blog is beautiful too!
    Whilst awaiting news as to whether Irma would be coming to NC (thankfully it doesn't look like it!) I baked a new cake yesterday - quite different and from Bon Appetit - Tahini Blackberry Yogurt! Very tasty as coffee cake or dessert. I usually bake when life throws hiccups my way!
    Happy weekend - glad you moved from Florida! Have several friends there including all my next door neighbor's family who have opted to stay - and they are very close to Tampa where it looks like it could be really bad!
    Mary -

  4. That cake would definitely appeal to me.


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