Saturday, September 2, 2017

Friday Favorites from Splenderosa, From the House of Edward, Portobello Designs, Sugar & Charm and More

Good morning! It has been an unbelievable week, as I mentioned I have been glued to the TV and have watched unimaginable heartbreak and heroism as well. My heart goes out to those who are beginning the long road to rebuilding and to those who are still waiting for help. I am also watching the TV to keep track of the new hurricane that has the possibility of hitting the East Coast by Sunday. In the meantime I am making plans for the long weekend. What are your plans? 

One of my favorite BBQ foods is a burger! I like them with bacon, with cheese and sometimes just plain with lettuce and ketchup. 

Coffee Rubber Burger with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce

This weekend I have on my list Coffee Rubbed Burger with Dr. Pepper BBQ Sauce from The Chunky Chef. Doesn't this look fabulous?

Beaked Beans from The Cosy Apron

One of my favorite BBQ side dished is baked beans and these Smokey Bourbon Baked beans from the Cosy Apron, I cannot wait to try these. 

The Best Brownies Ever from Once Upon a Chocolate Life

If you are attending a party or barbecue this weekend or even if you are staying home I have the perfect treat for you! I made a batch of what I consider to be "The Best Brownies EVER" a strong statement to be sure but I promise that i you like rich, fudgy brownies filled with pecans, coconut and more chocolate that I think you might consider these the best brownies too! The recipe is at Once Upon A Chocolate Life blog.

Image from Sugar & Charm

I don't know about you but sometimes I need a little reminder, not for the silverware but for all of the other things that we dig out for special occasions to place on the table. If you need one as well for the upcoming holiday season check out this one from Sugar & Charm.

If you are in Instagram fan than I am sure that at some point you have taken a photo of food, a restaurant or have seen the same sorts of photos on pages that you follow. This article talks about how Instagram is Pushing Restaurants to be Photo Worthy

If you are a thrifter here is a list of the 10 Items Never to Pass Up at the Thrift Store.

Image Here

I am sure that I am not the only one to dream of owning a chateau in France or a castle in Scotland or a manor house in England. If you are like me than you will enjoy this beautiful post from Portobello Designs of a beautiful chateau in France lovingly restored over 10 years. 

I know that I said I would not post Fall items but I never said I would not post a Christmas find. I am in love with every one of these gorgeous Deer Pillow Covers from Splenderosa. I think you will be too! By the way Marsha is donating to the victims of Harvey with the purchase of every item from her store. 

Image From the House of Edward

It is a strange world blogging, each day you read about the lives, loves, adventures, and pets of another and after many years you feel as if these are your friends. Their triumphs make your heart sing for them, the tribulations and losses make you weep. That was the case this week when Pamela from the blog From the House of Edward posted about the passing of Edward. After all of these years of seeing his cute white face and hearing of his adventures I felt as if I had lost a friend, sounds odd to some. But that face that graced the page of not only the blog but also two books and brought many 
a smile to my face on a bad day with his love for Pamela and his antics.  Edward, you will be missed.

I hope that you have a safe and wonderful weekend. 


  1. I have some wonderful links you supplied to enjoy over this long weekend! I will enjoy them. Thanks!


  3. I did not know of Edward, but what a face!


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