Thursday, September 7, 2017

Just Curious...What Do You Think About Fall?

Photo take by my sister this past weekend. 

Good morning! How is your week coming along? I am a wee bit alarmed about 3 hurricanes in the the Atlantic region and the prospect of one snaking up the coast in my direction. I have everyone in Florida in my thoughts and prayers. Having lived there for 10 years I have seen my share of hurricanes, tornado's and bad weather. 

Image Starbucks

I noticed yesterday that Starbucks is serving  Pumpkin Spiced Lattes or #PSL as they are know to Millennials' the official drink of Fall. I guess for many when the school buses start to rumble down the road and PSL's are served it is Fall. Although in actuality Fall doesn't start until September 22. 

I LOVE Fall and everything about it, the crisp leaves crunching under my feet on my daily walk, the scent of an early morning or early evening fire wafting on the cool breeze. The cosy feeling when it gets dark at 4:30. Long lazy Sundays with a pot of chili on the stove and the sound of a football game in the background as I whip up a few pumpkin treats in the kitchen. 

Just a few of the pumpkin recipes I have made. 

I love the fact that Fall is the advent of the holidays, Halloween with the little cuties dressed in their costumes. Thanksgiving with family and friends and the excuse to eat pumpkin pie not only for dessert but for breakfast as well! And Christmas, the season where it seems as if for a short time most everyone is happy. 

My little Pisa ready for Fall. 

But my favorite part about Fall is that for several months I can slow down and hibernate. It may sound funny but when the weather is sunny and beautiful I feel like I have to be out and about soaking it all in. Fall gives me the excuse to slow down, relax and rejuvenate for the long winter ahead. 

What about you, are you a fan of Fall? Or are you counting the days until Summer? If you are a Fall fan what are your favorite things to do, eat, make or even see? Do you visit the pumpkin patch, head out to the coffee shop for a pumpkin spiced drink, pick apples, bake or settle in for a long rest like me?

I love to hear your thoughts and stories so please share and if you have a favorite pumpkin recipe please tell me about that as well!

Have a great day! Floridians, stay safe, be alert and be smart. 


  1. I used to adore fall. Raking leaves in crisp air, with some football game blaring on a radio. I loved going back to school. Now, I still love fall, but live where the weather is so mild, it doesn't arrive until November, and we still are raking leaves in February. It's beautiful and different, and I don't mind being able to keep the windows open, but I also don't feel the need for lots of coziness or PSL.
    Hoping Irma heads out to sea. And those poor folks on the islands that have already been hit--not so easy to evacuate there.

  2. I just love fall. Here in D/FW has turned a bit crisp in the mornings and the leaves have started to fall. Is that your sweet baby curled up in the blanket? We are calling the shelters daily to see if there is a Harvey displaced dachshund that needs a home. Since our Franzie's passing in February his brother Rudi is so lonely.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. I love fall. Last year we hardly had fall weather, and I missed that. This week we have had strangely cooler weather. Don't know what to think!

  4. I like the fall, and pumpkin recipes. Pisa is a sweetie.

  5. I love fall! Tonight, I was at a friend's house and, stepping out on her porch, I said, "you can smell fall in the air". We went from +30ºC to +7ºC overnight. I used to love picking chokecherries with our neighbour (a second mother, almost, to me), making jelly, being in a steamy kitchen fragrant with aromas.I love all of the fall fairs with squash, pumpkins, and fruits all lined up at the farmers' markets. And most of all now, I look forward to that brief period of time when Trumpeter and Tundra Swans stop over (just 20 minutes' drive from my house) to refuel
    before continuing south. I love that a friend is keen to drive me there to watch them. To see how many "ugly duckling" cygnets have hatched over the summer and are on their first trip south, guarded by their parents. It is a rite of passage to see the swans in spring and then in fall. They had almost become extinct and I never saw any when I was a child. I really love that the perennial chrysanthemums my late mother planted years ago decided to bloom this year. I don't know if it was the very hot, dry summer or what, but they are blooming. And I think, what a gift!

    thank you for your comment on Lost in Arles. I left a few further comments on your About Me comments.


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