Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday Selections for Fall

Good morning! Can you believe it is already September? I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by, perhaps it is as they say the older you are the faster the time seems to go by. I am not sure but whatever the case the holidays will be upon us before we know it. 

I have said a million times I love Fall/Autumn. I am not one of those people that goes crazy decorating because to be perfectly honest the second Halloween is over I have one of my Christmas trees up in my keeping room where I can see it while I work in the kitchen.  

I typically decorate with natural elements like pine cones, acorns, pumpkins and antlers.

Then I add a few pillowstea towels, candles, soaps, and a whimsical element or two.

What about you? How do you decorate for Fall? Do you go all out as they say or are you more reserved in your decorating?

I hope that you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Please continue to donate and to keep the people of Texas in your prayers.

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  1. I'm not ready for summer to end. But yesterday and today, I had to turn the heat on in the car - chilly!! Guess I better bring out the sweaters.
    Love those pillows! xo

  2. I typically decorate for fall. But I'm not sure I will this year. It's still so hot outside, I'm not feeling fall. I'm really tired of this heat. I was out with my daughter today and saw some fall pillows, but they're so expensive!

  3. Yes today actually felt just like Fall as I walked around an outdoor flea market and wore layer upon layer in the 50 + degree weather this AM. So pumpkins and spice it is!

  4. I've seen fall colours already here in late August.


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