Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Harvest Table by Williams Sonoma

Good morning! I hope that you are having a good week. I am a little tired and it's only Tuesday. I think it's because I spent so much time watching the hurricane news the last two days. The amount of destruction is unbelievable. I feel so badly for all of these people. I have them in my prayers.

Image Williams Sonoma via Pinterest 

The weather has been unseasonably cool here and my mind has been on Fall. I haven't baked anything yet but I have a list of pumpkin recipes a mile long. I have also been to Williams Sonoma  one of my favorite places to shop for the holidays. I love everything they have for this season especially the botanical pumpkin salad plates, and platter. Typically what I do is buy the salad plates of whatever collection that I like and I combine them with my everyday white plates or my brown transfer ware and the rest of my entertaining pieces. That way I can use the pieces  I already have and really like. 

I love pumpkins, I like to eat them, decorate with them and purchase a plethora of them to decorate the house with during the cool Fall months, especially the baby boo white ones and the pale green and pink Cinderella pumpkins. I am contemplating the Staub pumpkin, the botanical apron and the embroidered tea towel. I already have the pumpkin spice candle, and lotion and it smells just like Fall.

Are you a fan of Williams Sonoma? Have you been in the store to see the new harvest collection or have you admired it in the catalog? Or do you have another favorite place to shop for holiday decor?

The Botanical Pumpkin line is on sale for 20% off!

I hope that you have a great day.

To those of you in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas, be safe while cleaning up after the storm. Thinking of you and praying that your job ahead is not so bad.


  1. The original store is not far from me in SONOMA, CALIFORNIA!Very small!
    Yes, I go in once in awhile but rarely buy as I AM SET FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!Can't believe I just said that!!!!!!I have NO MORE SPACE to STORE ITEMS.......I too am a plate LOVER!!!!!!XX

  2. Love your idea about having white dishes and then buying the salad plates you like! Think I may do that.

  3. I agree with your idea regarding only purchasing the salad plates. It is a great way to change your look out without investing an arm and a leg!!

  4. Here the weather has warmed up the last three days. It's been consistently warmer than it has been all summer.


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