Thursday, November 16, 2017

Countdown to Christmas: Advent Calendars

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Good morning! I hope that you are keeping warm, as it seems many of us are experiencing below average temperatures. It seems as if we skipped the Fall weather and went right to Winter, not full blown freezing, rainy weather just cold, windy, grey days. 
For most of my childhood and adulthood for that matter I have lived away from my family but my family has always made me feel special even from miles away. 


One of the things that my grandparents used to send us every Christmas was an Advent calendar. My siblings and I took turns opening the little doors each day and counting down the days until Christmas. The little chocolates were the highlight of a cold winter day.

Stocking Garland

I did the same thing from my grand kids a few years ago when I sent a little advent calendar that was a string of 25 alternating red and white mittens. The first year I filled each mitten with candy and my little grandsons loved it. Now each year it is the first thing they like to hang and each afternoon after school they run over to it, counts the days and takes out a Hershey's kiss or one of their favorite treats.

Paper Envelope Calendar

I have seen so many fabulous ones that you can make on Pinterest or that you can buy handcrafted from Etsy. If however making on is not in the cards for you this year here are a few of my favorites.

Do you have an advent calendar that your family uses to count the days until Christmas? Is it an heirloom or something that you made, was it yours as a child? 

I think no matter your age one can always use a little whimsy each day to remember the reason for the season. 

Have a great day!


  1. It was not something particularly done in our home- I wonder if it depends on the denomination of Christianity? Advent was certainly marked, but not like that. My parents would read particular sections of scripture during the weeks leading up to Christmas, and there would be advent candles around.

  2. I've actually never had one. Not sure why. I think they sure are cute though!


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