Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fun Finds: Christmas Signs and Prints

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Good morning, I hope it is a beautiful Saturday morning for you. It is hot and sunny here. Not really Fall like weather but that does not mean that my mind is not on the upcoming holidays.  I already have my Thanksgiving menu ready and now my thoughts are on Christmas. 
Although I always have one little tree in our keeping room that I decorate the same each year, I like to change up the others scattered around the house. I also like to add one or two new things and this year I decided to add a sign or two. I love all of the prints but my favorites are the Christmas bicycle and the New York Christmas print think both would look great on a fireplace, a wall or propped up on a table. 

A sign, painting or print are great ways to add color or a message for the season to your decor. 

Christmas Cheer

Any one of these paintings or signs would look great in your guest room, sitting on your vanity or even on your door!

Do you have any signs or art that you use in your Christmas decor each year or do you like to add a little something new each year?

Have a great weekend.


  1. When I was last in Kirklands, I noticed they had a Christmas sign with a red truck (think it had trees in the back) that caught my eye. This year seems to be the year of holiday signs. Love the one you show from the Christmas Flower Shop!

  2. I don't really decorate myself, though I've got a few decorations stashed away in a couple of boxes.

    Now that Hallowe'en is out of the way, the stores have gone into overdrive getting Christmas stuff in.

  3. You have no idea how timely your post is! I need to make a Swedish Christmas sign my mom has been wanting all year...time to make the holiday signs. Bon weekend, friend. xox


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