Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Glimpses of Christmas at My House

Good morning! Christmas is just a week away, are you ready? I spent most of the weekend baking so that I can mail all of my "food gifts" today. It's my favorite part of the holiday as I mentioned the other day. 

I made Magic Bars and cookies along with Fairy Food for my sister, cookies, breads, cakes and more for my uncle and assorted other candies, including my favorite chocolate covered marshmallows for friends. 

Because I had no time to take photos of anything new that I made I thought I would share a peak of Christmas around my house instead. This little tree above is in my keeping room, between my kitchen and the family room. 

I have had it for many years and I decorate it the same every year with birds (both wooden and some made with feathers), pine cones and acorns, and small signs with whimsical sayings about birds. I set it in a snowman bucket and this year I wrapped it in a wool blanket to simulate a scarf. 

I have another tree that is a new addition this year, I put it in a vintage French wicker basket with wheels and placed it on the wall between the keeping room and the family room. The family room to the right has a large reindeer candelabra and hand blown glass balls in red, free, and amber in the bowl to the left of it. 

It has a woodland theme with mice, deer, antlers, owls, snow shoes, wool mittens and boots, along with garland made from pine cones and cinnamon sticks. 

My tree is on the wall of the double sided fireplace. This year I decorated antlers, garland and these fabulous coffee sack stockings that my mom made when she was here visiting. I love the rustic texture of them. 

On the fireplace is a garland with colored lights, which my husband requested and antlers to hold the stockings. Above the fireplace is a chalkboard that I drew a rudimentary tree on for my little red bird to perch on. 

In the corner next to the fireplace is a stack of antique fishing creel's that I placed an old crate with three little trees accented with little red birds. 

I am partial to little red cardinals because someone once told me that they represent a loved one who has passed and you see them when you miss them or need them most. They also show up at times of celebrations and since Christmas is the greatest celebration of the year, I wanted all of my loved ones represented in my home at this most holy and sacred time. 

I hope that this week, you find the time to savor all that you love about the holiday. I will be doing just that. 

Have a great week!


  1. I am impressed that you have room for so many trees! It is charming that you decorate with pine cones and acorns. :)

  2. HELLO! I got in your blog this morning! Oh Elizabeth, your home is beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen it this closely! Happy holidays dear one!

  3. Your home is so lovely. I adore the tree in the basket.

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous and I just love that chalkboard tree, what a novel idea. Hope you had fun baking, we did much the same all weekend, lots of fun, now to work it all off!!

  5. It's all so pretty! Those chocolate-covered marshmallows sound good.

  6. Your tree in the snowman is my favorite. I remember it from last year. After almost thirty days My is finally working... thanks to a persistent repairman. I promised my husband scones for tomorrow’s breakfast. Hugs and wishes for the best Christmas!


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