Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Just Curious...Do You Detox, Diet, or Make Over Your Life on January 1st?

Good morning! I hope that 2018 is starting out exactly the way that you had hoped. As I mentioned yesterday I am easing into the new year after a restful stay-cation. I cannot remember the last time that I let myself do nothing, or did not feel the pressure to work, get out, have fun, etc. I cannot recommend it highly enough. 

The new year is traditionally a time that people like to "start over" with their savings, work, life and of course dieting and exercise. So today I am asking because I am curious, do you detox, diet, or make over your eating and exercise schedules in January?

I will tell you that I never detox, I couldn't make it 1 hour if someone told me I could not have food for a week. 

As for dieting I hate it. The minute someone tells me no carbs it is all I want, no sugar would absolutely do me in, the same however could not be said for no meat. I went 20 years consuming almost no meat except for the occasional burger. I was also heavier, unhealthy and my hair fell out. 

About 4 years ago I decided that instead of torturing myself with diets and exercise I did not like that I would change my life and diet to something that worked for me. I started eating most everything in moderation, and I started going to yoga 5 days a week. At 51 I feel happier and healthier than I have ever felt in my life. 

That said, I like everyone else have things I wish were different, smaller thighs, no cellulite, etc, but I guess I will just continue to be a work in progress.

What do you do to stay healthy? Do you work out? Are you a walker, runner, Cross-fit, yoga, or perhaps Pilate's fan? Follow a specific way of eating?

Thanks for sharing your health and fitness advice.

Have a great day!


  1. I'm now on my second week of stay-cation and it's been perfect. Nothing pressing to do, and learning to not feel guilty about NOT producing anything.

    In answer to your question about detox or diet, I do neither. The entire year for me, I try to do my best and "give it my all" to stay healthy and fit. On January 1, the day just unspools the same it does any day of the year because waaaaaaaay back when I was much younger (late teens, early 20s), I had already learned that a sudden shift in attitude and practices never worked. Changes take time and good habits require daily commitment until they become a part of who you are. So every day bleeds into the other, doing my best to be my best. Happy new year to you, Elizabeth!

  2. Nada as well! My life is in balance with work, food and relationships. Moderation is the key, along with the self exposed breaks you just had. I’m holding out till next Monday to get back to the full schedule. Holidays are not always restful and having a few business days to recoup is essential all year round. Nice post. -Laurel

  3. I feel like these gals are talking for me. I really don't diet, I try to eat well but I love my sugary treats. I notice my weight stays lower now because I think I have more muscle from my hot yoga. I am in better shape now than ever before and I worry far less about my weight, and much more about my strength. Happy New Year to you Elizabeth.

  4. Happy New Year, Elizabeth!
    I cannot say it better than the amazing women above who with yourself inspire me daily.

  5. January 1st doesn't make me want to do do-overs like that. I stay in shape with a good deal of exercise, especially walking and swimming.


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