Thursday, January 25, 2018

Just Curious...What Do You Think About Aging?

Good morning! I read an article recently that said that because model Chrissy Teigen tweeted about her gray hair women are celebrating and embracing their own.

I personally do not follow Chrissy Teigen nor do I know much about her gray hair but it got me thinking about aging and aging gracefully as they say.  So my question to you is, are you aging gracefully and what does that mean to you? As most of the people that read my blog are my age or a few years on either side I think it is a topic that we all might find interesting. 

Truthfully, I have had greying hair since I was 18 and I have been covering it up ever since. I can say that I do not mind having highlights and low lights to blend them in and I am pretty confident that I will never let my hair go totally gray. I could be wrong but for now that is my stance. 

I have never been a real "girly girl" I rarely wear make-up with the exception of eye-liner and occasionally lipstick. I do have facials and massages but I do not use anti-aging products or moisturizers because my skin is very sensitive and I always have problems when I use them. Consequently, I have laugh lines and some wrinkles on my neck. I'm OK with that. 

I can say that I will never have botox injections or plastic surgery because I hate needles and frankly I am not much concerned about those things. I have nothing against them but they are not for me.

At this point in my aging process what I have learned is this, with age comes wisdom first and foremost. All of those things that weighed heavenly on you when your were young are not so important anymore or they at least they shouldn't be. 

What is important as you age is your health both mental and physical; you need to find something to do everyday to keep yourself healthy and moving. It can be walking, running, yoga, Pilate's, stretching, horseback riding, etc. Whatever it is make sure that it is something that you enjoy and it will be great for your mind and body.  

As you age your relationships with people change and they with become more or less important. The ones that mean the most to you are the ones that you need to nurture. Staying connected to your family and friends as you age is very important for your mental well being. 

Finding meaning and joy is also something that is important as we age. The things that brought us joy and meaning when we were younger are perhaps something that as we age we are not capable of doing any longer. Perhaps your job gave you great joy but you no longer work or you were an avid runner but now have a bad knee. You need to find things to replace those interests; join a book club take up a new hobby or an old interest that you let go because you did not have the time. These activities will keep your mind and body active which is a always a good thing. 

 Never stop learning, when we learn new things we keep our mind sharp and healthy. 

Life is precious, savor your time with your loved ones and stay healthy and active so that you can do just that. Aging is a fact of life, you can grow old and be unhealthy and grumpy or you can grow old and perhaps have a better disposition because you are able to stay active.

Whatever that means to you or how you get there is up to you. If you have suggestions or things that you are doing to stay healthy and age gracefully please share. 

Have a great day!


  1. You have laid it out very well. Aging isn't as exciting as growing up. Instead of the goal posts being new things you are able to do, they become familiar things you no longer are able to do. We are happier if we feel productive and moving forward; luckily, it's always possible to learn new things.
    Personally, I am focusing more on fitness than beauty. I think it's harder for women who were great beauties in their youth to see that essential part of them fade, to no longer turn heads. Older people, and especially older women, become invisible. Having never turned heads, I count on sprezzatura--la belle figure--instead. Good posture, a strong stride and a smile go a long way at any age. I do Pilates and run and stay out of the sun. That's it. All I want is to stay active and healthy.
    I look forward to reading what others have to say.

  2. Like your format today...we do this same type of thing on our Motivational Monday's sometime. Quotes are just so impactful. I've been gray since a teenager. 5 years ago I stopped coloring it and I have to say I get such inspiring comments all the time. Guess the ultimate hairdresser knows best! Nice post!-Laurel

  3. I shave my head, have done so for several years since I had it shaved for a cancer benefit. It would have gone anyway, so getting rid of it all at once was liberating.

    I've noticed grey in my beard though than I would have had in the summer of 2016- but that reflects a rather stressful few months I had following that summer, I think.

  4. I am with YOU on ALL THE ABOVE except I am not going the coloring route for the HAIR!I want to SEE what I have earned is my way of looking at it!Recently, they discovered I had LEAD,and other TOXIC stuff in my BODY!(We all DO!)My feeling is the HAIR DYE cannot BE GOOD for nailpolish ALL the TIME cannot be good for your nails.....they cannot breath!I think You may enjoy TODAY's
    AS we are interviewing women OF OUR AGE BRACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lovely POST!

  5. Great topic, Elizabeth. I really don't want to live forever, and try to enjoy every moment of life, which is a precious gift. I do want to live as long as I can in the best health possible.
    Cheers my friend!

  6. Elizabeth, loved reading your post. Aging... whew! What a subject! I once worried about it, but now I am embracing each moment. I've learned to let go of anxiety and just live in this very minute. I will probably always color my hair and wear lots and lots of sunblock. Makeup.... depends on the occasion. Usually my go to products are mascara and lip balm. The best thing about this aging process is learning I don't need to make excuses. Hope you week is going well! Hugs!

  7. Elizabeth I've been meaning to get over here and read this. Boy do I relate to you. I'm a big believer in relishing every single day and I find this pervasive anti-aging sentiment so destructive! For young women too. My goodness I was talking with a beautiful 27 year old woman at a recent Christmas party and she had already used Botox and had a tummy lift. I really find it so sad when young women are so distorted and hard on their appearance. I'm like you. Take care of your health. Keep learning! And keep pushing yourself out of your comfort level I think that's so important. I'm not a big make-up gal either, but yep I do color my hair. I began when my gray started around early 50s, so it hasn't bothered me one bit, but I haven't been doing it that long either. When it comes to clothes and style I really think we need to make choices without any hesitation about age, it's simple. Make the choice that makes you happy. And the one that helps you feel in touch with your beautiful insides. Lastly, I remain so incredibly thankful that I discovered the world of yoga, it has been a total game changer for my physical body and my mental health. I only wish we could go to a class together!
    hugs to you and thanks for generating such interesting topics.


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