Thursday, January 4, 2018

Snow Day

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Good morning! Today is a snow day, as it is in many cities on the East coast. I will be drinking copious amounts of cocoa, shoveling snow and building a snow man. 

Espresso Hot Chocolate

We typically see snow like this once or twice a season, and it shuts the place down. We do have a limited amount of plows, and salt for the roads but none of the side streets are plowed so if there is a lot of snow it is sometimes hard to get around and frankly unsafe. I typically stay in and enjoy some home time. 

Sources: 1. Jacket 2. Boots 3. Mittens 4. Scarf 5. Pom Pom Hat

I love to go out and enjoy the white, winter wonderland before anyone else gets out, it is magical. I meander around and always find myself at the shores to see the sun glinting off the water like millions of diamonds, it is so pretty. 

I hope that if you are experiencing a little of this unexpected weather that you stay safe and enjoy it!

Have a great day!

Snow Day Sources: 1. Jacket 2. Boots 3. Mittens 4. Scarf 5. Pom Pom Hat


  1. It's light snow here all day, but that's typical for us through the winter.

  2. What a fun snowman...wish it would snow here (NM)...I know, be careful what you wish for(!) :)

  3. Happy Snowy Saturday!
    We haven't seen any snow here in my little southern town yet, but I am enjoying the images that are being shared. (p.s. I really want that coat, gorgeous)
    Have a beautiful 'white' weekend.


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