Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Thoughts

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Good morning. How was your weekend? Mine was a combination of catching up around the house and relaxing. It is a cold, rainy day here and I am trying to muster the energy to get going.

I don't know about you but Valentine's day to me is not just about my husband, it is also about my family and friends too.

Cake Here

I like to send cards and small gifts to them all, sometimes a book for my grandkids, or a baked treat for my siblings. I might find a sweet smelling candle or even some bath oil for my mom.

Sources: 1. Books 2. Bath Oil 3. Candle 4. Cards 5. Valentine Cake

For my husband who has everything, I typically make an interesting dinner and a chocolate dessert, give him a card and more often than not I do not give him a gift unless I find something really special.

I like to send and give love and gifts all year long, not just on Valentines day to let my friends and family know that although hey are far away they are still in my thoughts.

What do you typically give or like to receive for Valentine's Day? Do you think it is all about your significant other?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great afternoon.

P.S: These are some of my grand-kids and my favorite books about love.


  1. Elizabeth I didn't know you had grandkids! And what a great post, you are so thoughtful. I do celebrate Valentines with my Dad too--in addition to Jim. And I have a traditional V-Day dinner party with some close friends. So it's become a fun holiday. Thanks for the great suggestions, I want to look at the recipe for that cake, I love chocolate!!

  2. One thing I avoid on Valentine's day is going out to eat. Restaurants are too busy.
    Back in grade school, I found distributing Valentines to be so exciting. But the French don't really do Valentine's day. Chocolates and flowers but not cards.

  3. Admittedly it's not a day that I mark.


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