Monday, March 19, 2018

Williams Sonoma Spring Garden

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Good morning! Happy almost Spring! Did you have a good weekend? Did you enjoy St.Patrick's day? I skipped the Irish celebrations and stayed home Saturday. Sunday I was busy Spring cleaning. I had not planned that but woke up with the sun streaming in and suddenly saw everything in a new light. 

I am ready for Spring, ready for sunny days and cool nights to sleep with the windows open for at least a month or two before the humidity sets in. I am ready for lighter clothes, long walks, bright flowers, chirping birds at my window in the morning and all that comes with Spring. 

I always say this at the holidays but I love Williams Sonoma, I love their tablescapes and holiday decor. Spring garden is just that, elements of your garden including flowers, birds and of course bunnies. I think this beautiful set would look great for spring, Easter and beyond. 

These colorful plates, napkins and more would look beautiful on any table. I personally love the white tablecloth and dishes with just the colorful salad plates. Add a centerpiece and your colored eggs and you have the perfect Easter table. 

Image Say Yes

You could skip the dishes all together and add a touch of Spring to your table with just the linens. The botanical prints look like works of art. 

Here are a few of my favorite pieces. If you click the link it will take you to the Williams Sonoma website where most of the pieces are 20% off. Note if you click the link I will make a few cents as it is an affiliate link.

I hope that you have a great day!

Sunday, March 18, 2018


Have a great day!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Friday Favorites from How Sweet it Is, Wood & Spoon, Camille Styles, Celebrations at Home, Invaluable, Once Upon a Chocolate Life and More

Good morning! It's Friday and it is St.Patrick's Day weekend. For many that means a day at a parade, drinking green beer and eating copious amounts of cabbage and corned beef. I am not sure of my plans yet but I will let you know if I painted my face green and marched in the local parade. 

Guinness Short Ribs from How Sweet Eats

If you would like to try something different for St.Patrick's day these Slow Cooker Guinness Short Ribs with Cauliflower Mash look pretty tasty. 

Guinness Stout Chili

 You could make this scrumptious Guinness Stout Chili to keep you warm as the next Nor'easter barrels down on the East Coast.

Image Celebrations at Home

If you would like to have a St. Patrick's day party with shepherds pie, Irish soda bread, shortbread and of course some Guinness check out this post from Celebrations at Home. Everything is covered from appetizers, to main course, to dessert and drinks. 

For those who are looking for something sweet this weekend check out my 6 Favorite Chocolate St.Patrick's Day Desserts, including Guinness Stout Brownies and Bailey's Hot Fudge Sauce. 

Image Camille Styles

This beautiful table and 20 Gorgeous Spring Tables from Camille Styles will brighten your day and your house over the coming weeks. I love this tables-cape with the tulips and the radish as a place-card. It's so fresh and I think would be beautiful for Easter.

Image Wood & Spoon

I discovered a new blog and if you are a foodie you will love it and its author Kate as well. Is is called Wood & Spoon. Beautiful photos and lots of delicious recipes.

Interesting: 5 Unexpected Things Happy People Have in Their Kitchen.

I love art and the more colorful the better. This gorgeous piece by artist Angie Stalker is my new favorite.

Spring in my neck of the woods is all about Cherry Blossoms. In fact one of my favorite things is the Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival which is the result of the 3000 cherry blossom trees that were given to the US from Japan in 1912. If you are curious about the symbolism of the cherry blossom THIS article by Invaluable is interesting.

We recently celebrated International Women's Day, HERE are 20 Mantras from some great women.

Here are 15 Stories of Overlooked Women that you might enjoy reading.

Speaking of interesting and strong women, do you know much about  Susan B. Anthony? I of course had heard of her and her tireless work for the right of women to vote. But after listing to a feature on NPR about her I realize that she was so much more that that. She worked tirelessly her entire life to end slavery, in the temperance movement and of course voting rights for women. She traveled around the country as a single, young, woman giving speeches at a time when women were seen and not heard and they certainly did not travel the country.

I hope that you have a great weekend. If you read, watched, made, baked and listened to anything interesting please share with us.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Bunny Love

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Good morning! I hope that you are having a great week. For those of you who are trying to survive Nor'easter #3 I hope that you are lucky enough to have heat and electricity. We had the crazy winds up to 80 mph, I thought for sure that the roof was going to blow off of the house or maybe that the entire house was going to fly away. In addition to the crazy wind, we had tons of rain and snow. I never saw the snow but everywhere that I went yesterday people were talking about the giant snowflakes and the 11/2" of snow.

Bunny Plate

My mind has been on Spring, shamrocks, Irish cream and bunnies. This year Easter is on April Fools day, which was my grandmothers birthday. 
I have mentioned this before at the holidays, aside from Christmas, I do minimal decorating. But, one of the ways that I add a touch of any holiday to my table and my house is with plates. I have a huge collection of salad plates for every holiday and I mix and match them throughout each season. 

Bunny Plates Martha Stewart

I love to use my plates daily for sandwiches, snacks and then of course on the actual holiday itself.

Pottery Barn Bunny Salad Plates

I love these plates created by Martha Stewart for Macy's and these sweet bunnies from Pottery Barn. There are great plates in every price range from Pottery BarnWorld MarketKohl'sPier 1, Macy's and of course 

Do you decorate for Easter? Do you have a favorite Easter decoration? Are you a fan of Easter plates?

If you would like get a few plates for your holiday table I found a great selection and they are in the collage below. 

I hope that you have a great day!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lily of the Valley A Spring Favrite

Lily of the Valley Martha Stewart

Good morning. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was a mixture of errands and chores at home on Saturday and a lazy Sunday by the fire reading and catching up on a little paper work. 

This week it is going to be cold, rainy/snowy and wintery but my mind is firmly on Spring. The changing of the clocks, the plethora of colorful blooms and the bunnies and chicks at the store all mean that Spring is just around the corner. 

Image BHG

Image Carolyne Roehm via Aesthetically Thnking

Spring to me is all about Lily's of the Valley. These delicate, fragrant, beautiful white flowers typically bloom in March and April and continue thru early summer. Also known as “Our Lady’s Tears” as it has been said that it grew where Eve’s tears fell when they were driven out of the garden of Eden.

Image Viebke Design

Image Pinterest via Hampton Style

Image White Flower Farm

 I love their nodding heads and vibrant green leaves and think they look beautiful alone or mixed in a bouquet with other flowers.

I love them in an antique blue and white transfer-ware pitcher or sugar bowl with springs of mint trailing out. 

Image Hampton Style

Image from Gardinista Photo by Erin Boyle

Image Longwood Gardens

They look simply elegant in a bridal bouquet or in a hollow egg placed in an egg cup and used as an Easter decoration a la Martha Stewart. 

Image Martha Stewart

Image Loi Tone on Tone

Sadly I do not have any Lily of the Valley in my yard.  In fact I have never seen them in my area but I am lucky enough that at my mom's one entire side of her house is a field of them. Their fragrance permeates the air and wafts in the windows on a cool Spring morning. 

This year I am going to try to grow them inside in pots, wish me luck as I do not have a green thumb. 

For information about growing lily of the valley outside click HERE. They can also be grown in planters inside or outside. 

Hedgerow Roses

If you would like to add a touch of Spring to your house here are a few of  my recent finds. You could light a candle and let the scent of summer float around your house or spritz yourself with a little perfume. One of my favorites was made by Givenchy and is no longer made but I am on the hunt for another one. This beautiful locket would be a wonderful gift for you or even Mother's day. 

I hope that you have a great day!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Little Things Lately

Spring is 2 weeks away and although I am throughly enjoying all of the little things about winter, the snow days, long weekends at home relaxing by the fire reading, copious amounts of comfort food, time spent with family. I find myself longing for a new season and I am savoring the path to Spring. I love that each morning on my walks I see something new; a cluster of daffodils, buds on the trees, a stand of trees which overnight has turned completely pink, longer days, earlier mornings, unseasonably warm days that tease you with the promise of summer. Open windows, fresh air, a full moon. A 77 degree day in the middle of February, an afternoon on the porch with a book. Two weeks watching talented athletes from around the world compete at the Olympics.  The everyday antics of my two crazy pups. A card from a friend and a compliment from a stranger on a bad day. 

This is a smattering of the little things that I have been savoring the last few months. What about you? Have you taken the time over these long winter months to slow down and appreciate the little things? If not, life is precious and short, take some time to stop and savor the little things in your life. 

Have a great day. 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring Green

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Image Babes in Boyland

Spring is slowly trying to make its way here but every few days its efforts are thwarted by cold, frost, winds and more. No matter because we can bring a bit of Spring into our lives in the interim with paint, clothes, dishes, art and even food. 

Here are a few of the gorgeous spring green images that I found for inspiration. 

Image Casa de Perrin via Pinterest

Image Here

Image from the awesome green

Image Pinterest via Camille Styles

Image Pinterest via here

Art Stanley Bieien

Image The Place Home

Image VogueRalph and Russo
Antonio Marras Spring 2018 Fashion Show Details- The Impression

Image Better Homes and Gardens

If you would like to add a little Spring green to your house check out my finds below. 

Have a great day!

Monday Musings About Plastic Pollution

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Good morning! How was your weekend? Mine like many peoples did not turn out as I thought it would. Because of the Nor'Easter we did not end up celebrating my father-in-laws 90 birthday. Our flights were cancelled Friday, actually all of the flights were cancelled and we were told we would not be going anywhere until Sunday. The party was Saturday so we picked up our pups and spent the weekend at home. 

Thankfully with the crazy winds, gusting up to 77 miles an hour, we did not have any problems, no damage to our house or trees and we never lost power. We got lucky because I understand from reading the news that 3 days later many people are still without power.  I hope it comes back on for them soon because there is another storm coming this way Wednesday. 

I recently read a post on Facebook that said there is so much plastic floating in the ocean that the mass is as big as the 5th largest country in the world(Brazil). I was astonished so off I went to see what I could find out about this. This interesting  article by Ecowatch states that said that 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into the ocean every year, and the the majority of the waste comes from just five countries: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. Seriously? 

Another article from International Business Times said that between 5-18 million tons of plastic is dumped into the oceans, 20 countries are responsible for 80% of it and China is responsible for 30%! 

I am not just talking about bags and bottles I am also talking about the little plastic beads in your face wash, toys, straws and more. Think for a minute what all of this plastic does, not only does it endanger the animals, but the ice and the plants and the glaciers and so much more. 

I am speechless and bewildered. What are we going to do about this? How can we fix it? Aside from the obvious of not buying plastic bottles and using plastic bags or utensils or straws?

 I am only one person but I am going to make a concerted effort to make changes in our house to eliminate bags, bottles, etc. I already use this water bottle and have several reusable totes in the car but sometimes I forget them or I am lazy and don't feel like digging them out. I do have reusable glass storage containers but ironically they have plastic lids. 

Did you know about this? What do you think? Are you surprised? Do you use a lot of plastic? For those of you who live outside of the USA I would love to know how plastic is treated in your country.

I hope that you have a good day.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Saturday Splurge Dolce & Gabbana

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Good morning! I hope that you are enjoying a leisurely Saturday morning. Perhaps you have a pile a this months magazines, a cup of tea, cocoa or your favorite coffee drink and you are sitting by the fire. Or maybe you have been up and about and already have your morning trip to the gym or yoga under your belt and have a full day planned. Whatever the case I hope that you enjoy a great weekend. 

Image via Pinterest

I enjoy looking at magazines and find a beautifully designed home or clothes a work of art. 

This week I came upon the gorgeous Spring/Summer collection of Dolce & Gabbana and I love all of the beautiful flowered dresses. 

All of these dresses a a definite splurge but they are beautiful for a special occasion.  Just in case you have something special coming up here are a few more of my favorites from the collection.  I wish that I could say that I have located a few dresses that were less expensive but so far I have not had any luck. If I do I will share them with you. 

I hope that you have a great weekend!