Saturday, March 31, 2018

Friday Favorites from Cafe Delites, Cafe Sucre Farine, Savor the Best, Camille Styles and More

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Good morning. It's Good Friday a day of prayer and vigils, as a child my grandmother and then my mother would make us sit quietly in a chair from 12-3:00 to think about the significance of the day. To be honest, I cannot remember if we actually made it the entire 3 hours or if we were even contemplating the Crucifixion. All I know is that we were probably contemplating Easter Sunday dinner and our baskets. This Easter is April 1st, April fools day which also happens to be my grandmother's birthday. I miss her all the time but most often at the holidays. Happy Birthday grandma, and a happy Easter to you too.

This week everywhere I looked there was a recipe, a table scape, or an arrangement for Easter. There were so many great things it was hard to narrow it down to my favorites. 

Image Dreams Come True

But this all white Easter table scape caught my eye because it is unique and I think something that everyone could make. You could get a beautiful branch from your yard and be particularly careful blowing out the eggs you use to bake your cakes, add a few little white bunnies, plates and candle holders and voila, you could have your own version of this gorgeous table scape from Dreams Come True. I do think some of the eggs are goose eggs and I do not know where you get those unless you have a few in your garden. 

Image Coco Kelly

This non-traditional colorful table from Coco Kelly is another favorite. 

Succulent Lamb from Savor the Best

They say if you like lamb the best time to eat it is in the Spring so Easter is the perfect time to make it. This Succulent Braised Lamb Shank from Savor the Best looks delicious. 

Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns from Cafe Delites

Hot Cross Buns are a staple for Easter. I personally love them with chocolate chips instead of raisins so I will be making this recipe from Cafe Delites

Image from Cafe Sucre Farine

Do you still need a dessert for Easter? Try this Lemon Buttermilk Bundt Cake from Cafe Sucre Farine.

Swedish Pastry

Another easy and delicious recipe is this Swedish Pastry. This pastry is served at every family gathering we have and it is scrumptious. 

If you are looking for a carrot cake check out this recipe from Food Gal.

Image My Domaine

A cocktail on a warm day is a nice way to start the weekend. This Hibiscus Gin Sour might be one to try, if gin is not your drink than there are other Spring Cocktails featured on My Domaine

Instagram is a magical place if you do not get caught up in the comparison game. I personally love to discover new interesting artists, bakers, etc. In the case of  Natasja Sadi’s Cake Atelier Amsterdam is is a combination of all three. Natasja is an artist with sugar paste flowers. You can see her work on Instagram or on Cake Atelier Amsterdam's web page. Can you even believe this arrangement? I am in awe each time she posts an image. 

Do you wear perfume? Do you change your fragrance every season or do you have a signature scent? If you would like to Find Your Signature Scent check out this article.  This inexpensive perfume from Lollia is one of my favorites for Spring. 

Yellena James

I love this art from Yellana James

Thats is for this week, as always please share your finds. I always enjoy reading about what you are making, eating, watching, seeing and doing. 

I hope that you have a blessed weekend and Easter. 

P.S: Just in case you need to get to the shop on Easter here are 16 Stores that are open and 11 that are closed


  1. Goose eggs are real treats. We sometimes get some from a farm nearby. It's true you don't find them in the grocery store.

  2. Happy Easter!

    Of course Good Friday services are typical in any Christian denomination, but my background, Reformed and Presbyterian, the services were a given amount of time, generally not longer than a usual service. Two or three years ago here, I came into an Anglican church during the Good Friday afternoon, and they were having the three hour long meditation service. I found it interesting.

  3. I'm late to the table to wish you a Happy Easter, Elizabeth! Catching up on my blog reading and loving this inspiring post. I would love to make the Swedish pastry. :)


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