Thursday, March 1, 2018

Just Curious...Do You Meal Prep or Meal Plan?

Good morning! I hope that your week is going well. I hate to wish my week away but typically by Wednesday I am ready for the weekend. The weekends are my time to play, be lazy and to experiment with recipes. 

I am curious, what do you typically eat in a day or a week?  Do you have 5-10 meals on rotation that you make for dinner?  Are you a meal planner or person that meal preps? Do you eat out or carry in? 
Over the last few years on Instagram and Pinterest I have seen some unbelievable meal prep. To be honest although I would love to do it I do not like to eat meat that has been cooked and reheated or to eat cold cooked meat, so making a huge batch of chicken breasts to eat over the course of the week is not something I would do.

I am not really a protein lover and in fact did not eat meat, except for the occasional burger, for over 20 years. But about 3-4 years ago I started to eat meat again. I still do not eat a lot and I mostly stick to chicken, lean beef and the occasional piece of pork. But that is only about 2-3 times a week so I am always in a quandary about more protein and tasty, hearty meals. I do not eat fish or anything that comes out of the water so that leaves out a huge group to choose from.

Poblano Quesadillas From What's Gabby Cooking

My problem is that I LOVE carbs, if I could consume pizza, grilled cheese and pasta everyday I would. But I cannot, especially as I age because carbs are not my friend. Sadly neither is sugar but I am not giving that up( I realize it is a carb but in my life it is its own food group). 

Avocado Toast with Eggs My "go to" Breakfast.

I also love to eat the same food. I typically find something I like and eat it all of the time.  I am curious to know if I am weird or if other people do it too? I read an article once that said you should eat the same thing everyday for breakfast and lunch. Not the same food twice a day but the same breakfast, the same lunch. The reason is that if you do not have to think about too many choices it is easier to a.) loose weight b.) keep it off c.) makes life less complicated and leaves you one meal to ponder a day. 

Fall Cob Salad

I do agree with that and to be honest, if my husband is out of town I will eat the same 3 meals every single day. I am not a foodie, I do not live to eat, I eat to live and frankly I just not that interested in food some days and I am lazy. 
So what I would like to know is do you shop everyday or once a week? Do you plan your meals weekly or do you fly by the seat of your pants and decide on that day what to make? Do you have taco Tuesday, soup on Sunday, meatless Monday? Do you experiment with dinner recipes or stick with the reliable ones and then do as I do and experiment at the weekend?

Are you a meal prep aficionado? Do you have tips to share about healthy meals that taste great and are easy to make? By meal prep I do not just mean prepping for lunch, etc I also mean do you spend a day making soups, stocks, meals and sauces to freeze and eat at a later date? If so I would like to hear about your go to recipes. I think we could all benefit from sharing these things. 
I frequently make soups, chili, and different pasta sauces that I freeze and pull out when we are too busy or too lazy to cook but do not want to go out. Those are really the only things though so suggestions for other meals are appreciated too. 

I am looking forward to your thoughts, ideas and recipes. 

Have a great day!


  1. You surprise me! I figured with all your amazing photos of food that you were a dedicated foodie. And with all your baking, it makes sense that you like carbs, but you seem to be so athletic and healthy.
    As for these meal preps, it's hard to correctly cook or even reheat different items together--some heat up quickly and others slowly.
    We have a cycle to our meals, based on my husband, who considers the weekend sacred (though he's retired). So Monday is pasta, because it's Monday and not important. Tuesday is fish, because it's only slightly better than Monday. But by Wednesday, he wants meat. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday should have elaborate meals. He does a lot of the cooking, so whatever he makes is fine; I just make sure there are vegetables.
    I do try to make soup as soon as I get home from the market, using the parts of the vegetables that tend to be thrown away, like stalks and leaves. If they're cooked a long time and blended, they are delicious. I freeze them so we have variety, otherwise we'd be eating a lot of broccoli soup right now because it's in season.

  2. Absolutely. Every Sat is my plan day, Sun prep day and it's how we get through the week nights with ease. Chalk board and grocery delivery make it possible!

  3. I shop most days. I tend to have my greens in salads at lunch time at campus restaurants, and don't really cook for myself. Most of my dinners tend to be from an Italian deli, that makes meals ready to go or sandwiches ready to go.

  4. I don't plan anything, except holidays. Since it's only me and my puppy it's pretty simple really. I don't eat meat or dairy at all anymore, just cannot tolerate the thought of the inhumane treatment. Love avocado, love zuccini pasta now, trying to eat tiny meals more often to keep the metabolism running all the time. I love love love pasta, love mac/cheese, but don't often eat it. Fruits all the time, and big fresh salads if I can buy them and bring them home, I won't do all that for myself. I love salmon and often grill that at home, it's just so easy and when the fish is fresh it isn't fishy,


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