Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Lily of the Valley A Spring Favrite

Lily of the Valley Martha Stewart

Good morning. Did you have a good weekend? Mine was a mixture of errands and chores at home on Saturday and a lazy Sunday by the fire reading and catching up on a little paper work. 

This week it is going to be cold, rainy/snowy and wintery but my mind is firmly on Spring. The changing of the clocks, the plethora of colorful blooms and the bunnies and chicks at the store all mean that Spring is just around the corner. 

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Spring to me is all about Lily's of the Valley. These delicate, fragrant, beautiful white flowers typically bloom in March and April and continue thru early summer. Also known as “Our Lady’s Tears” as it has been said that it grew where Eve’s tears fell when they were driven out of the garden of Eden.

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 I love their nodding heads and vibrant green leaves and think they look beautiful alone or mixed in a bouquet with other flowers.

I love them in an antique blue and white transfer-ware pitcher or sugar bowl with springs of mint trailing out. 

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Image from Gardinista Photo by Erin Boyle

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They look simply elegant in a bridal bouquet or in a hollow egg placed in an egg cup and used as an Easter decoration a la Martha Stewart. 

Image Martha Stewart

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Sadly I do not have any Lily of the Valley in my yard.  In fact I have never seen them in my area but I am lucky enough that at my mom's one entire side of her house is a field of them. Their fragrance permeates the air and wafts in the windows on a cool Spring morning. 

This year I am going to try to grow them inside in pots, wish me luck as I do not have a green thumb. 

For information about growing lily of the valley outside click HERE. They can also be grown in planters inside or outside. 

Hedgerow Roses

If you would like to add a touch of Spring to your house here are a few of  my recent finds. You could light a candle and let the scent of summer float around your house or spritz yourself with a little perfume. One of my favorites was made by Givenchy and is no longer made but I am on the hunt for another one. This beautiful locket would be a wonderful gift for you or even Mother's day. 

I hope that you have a great day!

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  1. Our lilly of the valley is nowhere near flowering yet here. We have to wait another month! However, we have had a gorgeous spring like weekend with some real warmth in the sun, but today, like you we are back to the wind and rain! Oh well, it makes us enjoy the nice days even more!

  2. I adore lilies of the valley. My parents' house had a big expanse of them. An aunt gave me a tiny vase etched with them--just the right size for the delicate sprigs.
    I recently saw an Art Nouveau chair that was decorated with lilies of the valley. Gorgeous.

  3. Oh I remember the Martha Stuart Lily of Valley Egg arrangement! Tried it for several years and never could get the egg shells to cooperate. Now I simply use an old jelly jar and am perfectly content this time of year. (that is when I can find them in FL!)

  4. You have reminded me of sweetness from my past. Our first home in Elmhurst (near Chicago) had all these vintage varieties of everything, and I remember the lilies of the valley so vividly. I remember being in my garden, savoring it, knowing I was only here temporarily - so the sights and smells are still right there in my memory. But it is all bittersweet since I miss that place - the place my babies ran around barefoot. Thank you for ushering me into the sweetness, Elizabeth. xox


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