Thursday, March 8, 2018

The Little Things Lately

Spring is 2 weeks away and although I am throughly enjoying all of the little things about winter, the snow days, long weekends at home relaxing by the fire reading, copious amounts of comfort food, time spent with family. I find myself longing for a new season and I am savoring the path to Spring. I love that each morning on my walks I see something new; a cluster of daffodils, buds on the trees, a stand of trees which overnight has turned completely pink, longer days, earlier mornings, unseasonably warm days that tease you with the promise of summer. Open windows, fresh air, a full moon. A 77 degree day in the middle of February, an afternoon on the porch with a book. Two weeks watching talented athletes from around the world compete at the Olympics.  The everyday antics of my two crazy pups. A card from a friend and a compliment from a stranger on a bad day. 

This is a smattering of the little things that I have been savoring the last few months. What about you? Have you taken the time over these long winter months to slow down and appreciate the little things? If not, life is precious and short, take some time to stop and savor the little things in your life. 

Have a great day. 


  1. A good reminder to spread happiness by spontaneously complimenting a stranger!

  2. Like you, I am so looking forward to spring, it has been quite a winter, but none the less I have enjoyed it, I think as we get older we learn to appreciate each and every day more and more.

  3. Well, you know in my life that dogs, any/every kind of dog, is my comfort. Those 2 of yours are adorable, and isn't it wonderful that all of them want to see outside from the comforts of home? Love it !! And, it feels like Spring here, but the temps are still a bit cool (great!) as we have another hideous summer to look forward to. This is when I miss my husband the most because HE would make certain we went away during summer. xx's

  4. Love this...will put this photo on our pinterest page...Pet's- It's Their House Too! What a pair you have here. This shot says it all!-Laurel


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