Thursday, April 5, 2018

Just Curious..What is Your Spring & Summer Unform?

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Good morning! I don't know about you but I am totally over winter and I am really getting tired of waking up to the cold. I realize that it is just April 4th but this up and down and up and down and up and down weather is making me crazy. One day it is shorts weather the next I am wearing a parka, somewhere in between is fine with me even if it is still on the chilly side just as long as it isn't 74 one day and then 45 the next. 

Summer Shirt

To get all of our minds off the weather let me ask you, because I am curious, do you have a wardrobe "uniform"? You know a "go to" outfit that you wear often, like jeans and a white t-shirt, a skirt and a top or something else?

Yoga Clothes

I work from home so my typical uniform after yoga and a shower is a pair of shorts or yoga pants, and a t-shirt with a sweater if I'm cold. 

Summer Uniform Gap

In the spring/summer my uniform is a pair of white jeans, a cute blouse(could be a button down or a tunic), a fun pair of sandal's or even a pair of tennis shoes and a bag. I love a great summer handbag but more often than not I wear a little cross body bag so that I am hands free while doing errands.  My outfit looks something like the image below. 

1. Poplin Shirt 2. Cherry Stud Earrings 3. White Jeans 4. Straw Bag 5. Sandals 6. Sun Glasses

For evening I like a sun dress or a skirt, something linen or flowing. I like to be comfortable on a hot, humid summer day.

Summer Sun Dress Anthropologie

What about you? What do you wear in the spring and summer? Do you like casual comfy outfits, shorts, dresses or something else? Do you have a shop or brand that you like to get your things from?

I hope that you have a great day. Stay warm and keep your chin up Spring is going to be here soon.

If you are looking for a spring/summer bag here are a few I like.

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  1. I am loving all the baskets. So many styles, all so cute.
    Like you, I work from home. My uniform changes every year--one time it's dresses (just one thing to put on!), another time it's capris and tees (sporty!), sometimes even shorts as long as I'm staying at home--it's rare to see French women over age 25 in shorts in town.
    It gets quite hot here in summer, and we don't have air conditioning, but we don't have humidity either. Not having A/C helps the body acclimate. Loose, light clothes also help.

  2. It's actually feeling colder right now than it has since early January.

    OFF TO SHOP!!!!!


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