Thursday, May 3, 2018

Kentucky Derby Hats

Good morning! The Kentucky Derby is Saturday and for many it is as much about the hats, as it is the horses. People tune in to root for their favorite horse but also to people watch as they sip their julep.  I personally love a beautiful hat more than a fascinator but that is because I think I would have a hard time keeping a fascinator on. There are many to choose from, plain and sophisticated to over the top statement pieces and everything in between.

Image Philip Treacy

I love the work of hat designer Philip Treacy, any one of the gorgeous creations from his London store would make me feel like a princess.  That said, a Philip Treacy creation is an investment and can range from $500-$5000.00.

Philip Treacy

That said there are so many beautiful hats, like this black one that you can purchase for a lot less and they will make you feel just as special.

I can remember women wearing hats to church and weddings when I was growing up, and they became even more popular with the royal wedding of Diana and Charles. I myself would pour over magazine articles looking at Diana's beautiful ensembles and I was always in love with her hats. I do not often see ladies in their hats and finery anymore so I appreciate it when I do as sadly we live in an age when people wear pajamas as clothing. 

I believe that we will see a resurgence of these works of art with the next royal wedding in a few weeks. I am looking forward to the pageantry of both the Derby and the wedding to see some of these beautiful creations on display. 

If you were going to the Derby what sort of headpiece would you like to wear? A hat or a fascinator? Would you fashion something yourself or treat yourself to a work of art from Philp Treacy?

Have a great day!

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