Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Mother's Day Gift Idea's

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Good morning! Can you believe Mother's Day is Sunday? I am just sending off my mom's cards and gift today. What do you typically do or get for your mom? 

Watt's Tea Room Sunshine Cake

If I am with my mom I always make her something sweet, sometimes her favorite cake, or these scrumptious muffins. I think any mom would love a homemade treat. 

cinnamon roll muffins

You can start with a beautiful card handmade or purchased.  

Minted Card

As for gifts, that is always a challenge because my mom. like most moms, doesn't want or need anything. 

Flower Pj's

My mom loves pajamas so that is always a good idea. 

Paris Book

book about one of her places to travel is always an option. 

A new perfume is another gift that most moms would enjoy.

Fairy Food

You can never go wrong with chocolate. I like to make my own and one of my absolute favorites is Fairy Food also known as Sponge Candy or Honeycomb. This scrumptious candy is easy to make and I promise that your mom will love it.

The best gift that you can give your mom is the gift of your time and I think it would be her most favorite gift of all.

Do you have a favorite gift idea for you mom? Please share.

Have a great day. 

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  1. Photos! Moms (actually dads, too--mine used to spend hours looking through photo albums) can never get enough. Putting them into a book is especially nice.

  2. This year there is NO MOM!
    The day is not even on my radar!!!!!!THANKS FOR THE REMINDER............XX


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