Sunday, July 15, 2018

Silent Sunday 7-15-2018

Have a great day!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Friday Favorites from A Beautiful Plate, Fox Valley Foodie, The Kitchen is My Playground and More

Good morning! How are you? Did you have a good week. I cannot tell you how glad I am that it is Friday. As I mentioned this week I had a hard time getting motivated this week after the 4th of July holiday and frankly I never really did, I sort of felt like I was limping along the entire week. 

I am ready to rejuvenate this weekend and to enjoy the party that we are throwing. I am in charge of the desserts and the side dishes and my husband is making the main course.

Pizza is my FAVORITE food to eat, and by that I mean I could eat it every single day. Typically I like it with just cheese and if I am feeling daring I will add or ask for diced tomatoes from takeout. I cannot wait to make this Homemade Pizza Margherita from A Beautiful Plate because it looks perfect.

Fox Valley Foodie

It is still the height of summer here so I am not eating too many comfort foods yet but I will be making this Ground Beef Stroganoff from Fox Valley Foodie many times on chilly Fall and Winter evenings. 

Image Here

I will be making an antipasto platter for the party and I am going to try this Tomato and Caper Salad from The Kitchen is My Playground to add to it. 

 I am making this Chocolate Truffle Cheesecake with Ganache Topping and a plain cheesecake with roasted bourbon cherries for the party. This cheesecake is delicious and is one I make often. 

If you like salad but hate lettuce here are 18 salads for you to try.

Interesting Reading

An article about Ferro Rochere otherwise known as the Nutella Company and its family of billionaires. 

Are you a fan of the artist Cristo? If so you can see his newest installation here.

Podcast lovers, here are 20 Podcasts to Inspire Creativity

I hope that you share any books, podcasts, recipes, movies or whatever else you found interesting this week.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

25 Ways to Enjoy What is Left of Summer

Good morning! I hope that you are having a good week. I will be honest, I am dragging this week. I think the 4th of July holiday in the middle of the week messed up my schedule because I feel like a slug this week. I just cannot get myself motivated this week. If I drank coffee I would need a few gallons a day to get some energy. 

The one plus this week is that the weather has been fabulous, the last two days it was in the 70's and we slept with the windows open at night. That is unheard of here in the South in the summer. 

I have never ever been a summer person, Fall is my favorite season but the last couple of years I have really been trying to "live in the moment" and savor each season for what it is. That is a little bit of a challenge if you are on Pinterest, my feed is filled with Fall recipes, decor, pumpkins, and pumpkin spice everything. 

People, it is July 11th, Fall is 74 days away so lets just enjoy what is left of summer and in another month or 2 maybe we can start to revisit Fall ideas. 

Here are 25 way to enjoy what is left of summer.

1. Go for a walk at the waters edge of the nearest ocean, lake, bay, or stream. 

2. Visit your local farmers market. 

3. Challenge yourself to make dinner and dessert with whatever you find at the market. 

4. Make no-churn ice cream and share it with friends. 

5. Weed your garden. 

6. Pitch a tent in your yard.

7. If you do not like bugs get out your sleeping bags and "camp" in the house. 

8. Go to a drive in movie. 

9. Visit the zoo. 

10. Sit outside and watch for lightening bugs. 

11. Make s'mores.

12. Have a stay-cation and visit one or two new places in your town. 

13. Read a book. 

14. Have a picnic. 

15. Go tubbing down a lazy river or visit a water park. 

16. Have game night with your friends. 

17. Visit your local botanical garden. 

18. Go for a bike ride, play croquette, or frisbee. 

19. Savor a fuzzy ripe peach, if the juice runs down your arm even better. 

20. Go to a festival. 

21. Go to a baseball game. 

22. Savor a glass of homemade lemonade or aqua fresca. 

23.  Go fishing. 

24. Turn off your social media for a weekend and relax. 

25. Make some time to do nothing. Relax and enjoy. 

So tell me, what will you be doing to enjoy the next 74 days of summer? Whatever it is, I hope it is relaxing and fun. 

Have a great day!

If you would like to countdown the days until Fall you can click here

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Friday Favorites from Heather Bullard, Recipe Runner, the Kitchn, the Simple Luxurious Life and More

Good morning! Happy Friday! How was your 4th of July? Mine was great, except for the sun burn. My husband and I were supposed to go for  a short walk with friends at the beach, and to see the cute place they rented for a month before their return home to Spain. Then we were going to go home to do a few things around the house and a little work before burgers on the grill and the fireworks.

Lucky for us that went by the wayside because that short walk ended up being 8 miles with no sun screen, hence the sun burn and no water. Upon our exhausted return the house we had some fresh squeezed lemonade and then moved on to Sangria at which point our friends pointed out that none of us had eaten so they whipped up a  beautifully prepared paella. We wiled away the rest of the day talking, laughing and enjoying one another' company before returning home burt, tired and just in time for the fireworks. Sometimes the best days are the ones not planned. 

Image Here

An easy and delicious meal for any day of the week, French Bread Pesto Chicken  Pizza

Image Sainsbury Magazine

I can't wait to make Moroccan Chicken Flatbread

Image Recipe Runner

Lime, Cucumber Agua Fresca

Long, hot summer days call for something cool and refreshing and one of my favorite things to drink is this Lime & Cucumber Agua Fresca from The Meaning of Pie

Interesting Reading

This is cool! A giant whale made from a fraction of the plastic littering the oceans. 

Beautiful post, Authentic French Living

A great post 10 Life Lessons From Provence from the Simple Luxurious Life

I hope that you share the books, podcasts, recipes and more that you discovered this week. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July!

Good morning! Happy 4th of July! I hope that you have a wonderful day celebrating the day with family and friends. 

I will be at the beach at a bbq, and watching the fireworks.

Be safe and have a wonderful day. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

4th of July Memories

This post contains affiliate links. 

Good morning! Did you have a good weekend? Mine went too fast and frankly,  I feel as if I should still be enjoying it considering Wednesday it the 4th of July. I do not like when holidays are in the middle of the week, yes it does break up the week but there is no bonus day off. Do you feel the same?

I love the 4th of July! For me it was the happiest holiday of the summer because it was always spent with family. For most of my childhood we lived away from my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. We typically saw them at the holidays and one of my favorites was the 4th of July. In Milwaukee where my grandparents lived the 3rd of July is when the BIG fireworks are celebrated so that the little communities around them can have their celebrations on the 4th.

On the 3rd of July, my mom and my grandmother would pack our blankets and our treats and we would walk into the city to sit on the hill overlooking Lake Michigan where we would watch the biggest and best fireworks in the Midwest. Sometimes, if we were really good my grandfather would give us some money before we left, (he never came along) to get cotton candy. To this day the smell of cotton candy takes me right back to my blanket sitting on the hill overlooking the lake.

1. Climbing Grier Mountain 2. Swanky Recipes 3. Love and Olive Oil 4.Damn Delicious

After the fireworks, 4 tired little kids, up way past their bedtime would trudge back along with the masses of other people home to get a good nights sleep before we awoke the next morning to go to the festivities in the park.

Typically, our local park had a contest for the "best" decorated bike, wagon or trike. Many hot summer days were spent with crepe paper, close-pins, cards and whatever else we could come up with making paper flowers and other decorations in the hopes of creating the best bike. 

I never won but my a couple of times my siblings did. After the contest we would eat way too much ice cream and bomb pops before we addled home to the next festivity. 

1. White Cake with Buttercream Icing and Fresh Berries 2. Blackberry Cheesecake Bars 3.Trisha Yearwood Brownies 4. Blueberry Muffins

The next event was either a bbq at my Aunt Joanie who had a lake house where we would frolic in the lake, waterski, walk to the local store for Fudgsicles and sit in awe at the collection of interesting friends that she had. Or we would spend the day at my Aunt Jeans' where we would run from the pool to the house, tracking in water in our wake, to eat the donuts and other tasty treats that she always had for us.

This year I will be staying at home but I am sure that my niece will be watching the fireworks at our special spot on the hill with my mom.

Do you have any special memories of the 4th of July? Or a favorite recipe or meal? If so, please share.

Have a great day!