Thursday, July 12, 2018

25 Ways to Enjoy What is Left of Summer

Good morning! I hope that you are having a good week. I will be honest, I am dragging this week. I think the 4th of July holiday in the middle of the week messed up my schedule because I feel like a slug this week. I just cannot get myself motivated this week. If I drank coffee I would need a few gallons a day to get some energy. 

The one plus this week is that the weather has been fabulous, the last two days it was in the 70's and we slept with the windows open at night. That is unheard of here in the South in the summer. 

I have never ever been a summer person, Fall is my favorite season but the last couple of years I have really been trying to "live in the moment" and savor each season for what it is. That is a little bit of a challenge if you are on Pinterest, my feed is filled with Fall recipes, decor, pumpkins, and pumpkin spice everything. 

People, it is July 11th, Fall is 74 days away so lets just enjoy what is left of summer and in another month or 2 maybe we can start to revisit Fall ideas. 

Here are 25 way to enjoy what is left of summer.

1. Go for a walk at the waters edge of the nearest ocean, lake, bay, or stream. 

2. Visit your local farmers market. 

3. Challenge yourself to make dinner and dessert with whatever you find at the market. 

4. Make no-churn ice cream and share it with friends. 

5. Weed your garden. 

6. Pitch a tent in your yard.

7. If you do not like bugs get out your sleeping bags and "camp" in the house. 

8. Go to a drive in movie. 

9. Visit the zoo. 

10. Sit outside and watch for lightening bugs. 

11. Make s'mores.

12. Have a stay-cation and visit one or two new places in your town. 

13. Read a book. 

14. Have a picnic. 

15. Go tubbing down a lazy river or visit a water park. 

16. Have game night with your friends. 

17. Visit your local botanical garden. 

18. Go for a bike ride, play croquette, or frisbee. 

19. Savor a fuzzy ripe peach, if the juice runs down your arm even better. 

20. Go to a festival. 

21. Go to a baseball game. 

22. Savor a glass of homemade lemonade or aqua fresca. 

23.  Go fishing. 

24. Turn off your social media for a weekend and relax. 

25. Make some time to do nothing. Relax and enjoy. 

So tell me, what will you be doing to enjoy the next 74 days of summer? Whatever it is, I hope it is relaxing and fun. 

Have a great day!

If you would like to countdown the days until Fall you can click here


  1. Or stay in the AC and read blogs like yours! I love the quote about being content.-Laurel

  2. I am one to try to find beauty in the every day. At least in my last decade, when I became wiser to things. Losing Abi has tested that, but it will get better. I don't have to weed (the true beauty of container gardening, though it is a mindless task and a great diversion), and I read books every single day. Have a fun rest of the summer, Elizabeth! I wish I could walk along the shore with you.

  3. Elizabeth, it all sounds fabulous. Several I can check off. Summer has never been my favorite either, however, I am spending more and more time outside. I especially love sitting out after dark. This my down time, and the older I get the more time I need to recuperate, so I will embrace the heat and the bugs. Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs!

  4. I love all these suggestions...we all need to slow down and "smell the roses"

  5. All of these ideas sound good to me! I like fall a lot, too Seems odd to some, everything dying. But I love the brisk air and the gorgeous colors. Snuggling indoors in front of the fireplace never gets boring to me!



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